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Coffee Urn Related Questions

A coffee urn is a type of jug or pot used to brew coffee. These urns perform the coffee brewing function where the permeable substance which are the coffee beans percolate into the solvent which is hot to produce the coffee with its unique stimulating properties such as taste, color, aroma and so on.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on coffee urns.

Why is my Delonghi coffee urn not working?

Usually the repair for small appliances such as yours can be done at the manufacturer. They could probably replace or exchange the unit with another one if it is under warranty. Another option is swapping your old appliance for a new one by paying the difference. They could also repair your unit for a lesser cost compared to buying a new unit from the store. Apart from these options, most small appliance companies may not follow any other repair procedures.

Why is my Hoover Bagless Windtunnel Canister Vac displaying a red light depicting a suction problem despite the hose being clear with nothing attached to it?

This could be a problem with the sensor in the unit. What you are receiving is an advisory indicator or message which should not affect the functioning of the unit or damage it in any manner. You can continue using your coffee urn as normal as long as it is functioning fine. No action is required to be taken on the unit.

Should I opt for another opinion if my repair person has said my 55 cup coffee urn cannot be fixed?

You should understand that the mechanism of these coffee urns is quite basic. Apart from an electronic timer, the components would probably be a heating element and an indicator light to display that the contents have reached the required temperature. Your case could be most likely the failure of the heating element. If this is the case, the unit cannot be mended since they are usually sealed/attached o the base of the unit at the time of manufacture and are non replaceable. If the parts were to be available, this would prove an expensive repair and may not be worthwhile when you can pick up a new unit for the repair cost.

Why does the Bunn SRU automatic coffee urn when turned on the water line, the 3/8 copper line gets noisy?

This is a common problem referred to as a water hammer. The noise is caused by the water in the line making noise in the pipe. It can be rectified by installing a component referred to as a “water hammer arrestor”. This is essentially similar to a shock absorber to control the effect of the water flow in the pipe. It is generally installed at the water supply line prior to its entry into the coffee urn. It could take additional adaptors to attach to the coffee urn. This part is easily available in any of the large well known home appliance or hardware stores for approximately $15. The sales representatives can also guide you with the installation.

What does an error F81 mean on a coffee system?

The F81 error refers to a steam heater fault. This is usually a result of a blown fuse or heater which is not reaching the desired temperature. You can continue using the unit to make coffee and heat water by turning the steam heater setting off. You need to find the selection of steam heater at the control settings and press the arrow to turn it off.

Coffee urns are becoming a common appliance in most households due to their efficient, quick and convenient way of dispensing coffee. When you face issues such as those detailed above, there may be several instances where replacing the unit would be the most economical solution. At other times, it could involve a fair amount of dismantling and replacement of parts to get the coffee urn to work again. To know about your various alternatives when you face issues with your coffee urn, help and guidance from Experts will be quite useful and necessary.
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