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Urine Problems

What is urine?

An individual’s urine can be an essential factor in the body’s disposal procedure. The duty of urine is to help remove extra water soluble and water that is filtered by the kidneys. Another job of the urines is to remove toxins or bad things in the body. Often the urine will change colors or have a foul odor. When this occurs, this can be from something an individual ate or from drinking too much soda. Often, an individual can develop an infection in the urinary system that could cause the urine to smell bad or change colors. Some people can have questions about different urine problems that occur. For more information read below where Experts have answered many frequently asked questions.

What could cause urine to be cloudy?

Cloudy urine can be a side effect from several conditions. Occasionally, the reason for this could be an overload of phosphate in the urine which is known as phosphaturia. If someone has had a catheter before for a long period of time, cloudiness can occur. Another reason could be from an infection. It could be an advised to have a urine analysis. This type of test can help figure out exactly what is happening in the individual’s urine. This test can be done by an urologist or a primary care physician.

What urine issue could cause the urine drip out and be painful?

There can be several reasons why someone could be experiencing these symptoms. The first reason could be the urinary tubes are narrowing. This could cause someone to have to strain to urinate and only have dripping instead of a steady flow. The second reason could be a weak bladder. If someone has a weak bladder, the bladder may not be able to push the urine out correctly. This could also cause someone to feel as if their bladder is still full even after urinating. Third reason could be a blockage in the urinary tube.

What can cause urine to have a foul odor?

A bad odor in the urine can be caused by many factors, some being harmless and others warranting a concern. The most common cause can be related to a person’s diet. There are several foods that can cause urine to have a foul smell. These foods can include garlic, onion, asparagus or fish. Some vitamins can also cause urine to have an odor. Some more serious causes are infections, liver failure and dehydration. Some people who have diabetes and are not treating it correctly can have an odor to their urine.

Could a blockage cause blood in the urine?

A blockage in the urinary tract may not cause blood in the urine. If there is no pain present with the blood in the urine this can be concerning. Occasionally this could show a tumor which could be cancerous. However, this could be as simple as a blood clot trying to pass. It could be recommended to have a general physician run tests to figure out exactly what is going on.

Urine problems can consist of anything from discolor to serious infections. Some individuals may not realize that their urine is an important factor to their body. This can cause several other questions about urine and its problems. For more information about urine problems individuals can contact an Expert.
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