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Dog Behavior Problems Urinating

Dog behavior problems like urinating in the house can be caused by many different causes; these can range from a minor change in eating habits to loss of a loved one or even the loss of another pet. This type of stress is normally anxiety related and can be treated by several different methods, or can even be treated by prescribed medicines from a veterinarian. Below some of the most commonly asked questions regarding dog behavior problems urinating are answered by Experts.

How can a person stop their dog from urinating all over the house after a new dog has been introduced to the house?

Most generally when this type of behavioral problem occurs, whether it is a dog or cat, cleaning the problem areas with an enzymatic cleaner, then use either citrus spray, aluminum foil, or double stick tape to convince the animal that that area is not the best spot in the house for these actions.

How can a person stop a dog from urinating on the individual’s bed?

Typically neutering can help in this matter, however, this could be a medical issue and if so then an exam from a veterinarian should be considered. This also could be an issue about the dog’s territory, and if so then a thorough cleaning with an odor eliminator should help. Also placing mouse traps on the bed can help discourage the animal from using it as a playground. If the problem is anxiety related, a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) collar can be purchased over the counter, and they contain pheromones which lower anxiety and helps most dogs relax.

How can a person with a multi animal household stop both cats and dogs, which are all spayed and neutered, from urinating and soiling inside of the individuals house?

In some cases removing the scent of urine can help to discourage this behavior, and an enzymatic cleaner is by far the best option to remove these odors. Then in the case of the dog, complete retraining could be required, such as crate training, or even anxiety medicine. The cats will require retraining as well, and leaving them in one room with only litter, food, and water could possibly be the easiest and fastest way to get this job done. There is also a product called Feliway which leaves an odor with pheromones in it in order to reduce anxiety in cats and make it easier for them to use a litter box.

What would cause a formerly good dog, which is neutered, to suddenly start urinating all over the house?

Typically, there could be several signs to indicate if this is a medical issue or a behavioral issue. Symptoms of medical issues include: weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, etc. Medical problems can include: Urinary Tract Infections, Diabetes, Liver Disease, Cushing’s disease, and Addison’s disease. A trip to a veterinarian for blood work and a urinalysis would be helpful in determining the problem. If the tests come back negative then a behavioral problem could be the problem and appropriate steps should be followed in order to get the animal back on the right track.

Could bed bugs cause a dog to urinate on the bed while sleeping?

Typically dogs do not carry bed bugs, and any such bugs on a dog would just be along for the ride until it finds a human host. The problem that is described sounds like a case of Urinary Incontinence, which weakens the sphincter on an animal making bladder control difficult causing uncontrollable urination. A veterinarian can prescribe a daily medication in order to strengthen the sphincter and control the weakened bladder. Other causes could include urinary infections, bladder stones, and neurological causes, just to mention a few.

When dog behavior problems like urination occur it can be helpful to keep a record of when, where, and why the event occurred. And if it is occurring when no one is home then there could be a possibility that separation anxiety could be the culprit. Pacing, barking, whining, and other like symptoms all lead back to anxiety related issues. Treatment can involve establishing acceptable habits through training, however, if training doesn’t do the trick there are drugs out there that can help with anxiety in a dog, and generally any veterinarian can help with obtaining these with a prescription. When the subject of dog behavior problems urination arises many questions can follow, individual can contact the Experts for fast and reliable answers when dealing with dog behavior problems with urinating.
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