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Urinalysis Procedure

What is a urinalysis?

A urinalysis test is an evaluation of someone’s urine. This test can be used to identify and evaluate various disorders; these disorders can include kidney disease, diabetes and a urinary tract infection. A urine sample can also be taken to help watch the color, concentration and contents of the urine. If someone’s test comes back irregular this could mean an infection or disease. For instance, protein levels that are high can show kidney disease. If a urinalysis does come back abnormal, this may need further testing. For more information about urinalysis, read below where Experts have answered frequently asked questions.

If a urinalysis test comes back positive for bacteria should treatment be started?

Bacteria in someone’s urine can show a urinary tract infection or prostatitis. Both condition should be treated immediately. These infections can be treated with an antibiotic. If a urinary tract infection is not treated, this can cause other problems such as urinary blockage. If prostatitis is not treated, bacteria can continue to grow and symptoms can become worse. After treatment is completed, another urinalysis is often recommended by a doctor to ensure the infection treated and no further medication is needed.

What could cause epithelial casts and protein to be present in a urinalysis test?

If an individual’s urinalysis shows epithelial casts and protein, this can point towards kidney damage. When kidneys become damaged, these levels can increase, it can be difficult to know what damage the kidney is suffering from.

What does it mean if squamous cells are found in a urinalysis?

Squamous cells can be a sign of cancer. The urinalysis test would most likely show squamous cell carcinoma if it was cancerous. Squamous cell by itself may not mean cancer. This could mean the urine sample was contaminated. Contamination could mean if a person’s skin touches the urine, the sample can become dirty. If the sample is dirty, another test would be needed. The reason for the new test is not only because of the contamination but also because the results can be incorrect.

How long does it take to receive results from a urinalysis test? Are in home urinalysis test as accurate as doctor tests?

A urinalysis test from a doctor can take up to 24 hours and a urine culture can take up to 48 hours to come back. It should not take too long for the results to come back. If the test is done in the home, the results can take less time to come back. An in home test can be just as accurate as a professional test if it is done correctly.

What does it mean if protein is found during a urinalysis test?

Protein in the urine is not always something to worry about. Some people can experience protein in their urine from over exercising. To be sure what is causing the protein another urinalysis test should be done. Urinalysis test can be a great way to find out if the body is having problems. This test can be important for clarifying if someone has diabetes or other serious problems. Some individuals may not know what a urinalysis is and this can cause questions. For more information about urinalysis individuals can contact Experts.
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