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Urethra Problems

An important part of the urinary tract is the urethra. Its job is to deliver urinary wasted to the outside of the body. Though the urethra is an important part of both the male and female bodies, it plays a second role for men. The male urethra is responsible for disposing urine; it also plays an important part in male reproduction. At times the urethra can become blocked causing the frequent urge to urinate. When individuals begin to have issues with urination, questions can arise about the treatments or causes. Read below where Experts have answered many questions about urethra problems.

What is atrophic vaginitis?

Low estrogen levels can cause the vaginal wall to thin during menopause. This condition is called atrophic vaginitis. This allows vaginal bacteria to travel to the bladder. However, an exam should be done in order to confirm and treat this condition. Doctors will often prescribe a topical estrogen cream, which can help stop any bleeding, inflammation, and help to rebuild the lining of the vaginal wall.

What causes pain in the male urethra?

Pain in the male urethra can be caused from many different things. An exam should be done by an urologist to find and treat the underlying cause. Infection of the prostate can often cause the urethra to become inflamed. In this case, it may be necessary to have a digital rectal exam. Often, the cause can be nerve related, or simply allergies. Occasionally a long-term antibiotic will be needed. Non prescription pain relievers such as Aleve or Motrin can be taken to help relieve pain.

What is residual urine?

After someone has urinated the liquid that remains in the bladder is called residual urine. Often, residual urine is caused by poor muscle tone or from urine restriction. Enlarge prostates or bladder stones are both conditions that can restrict the urine flow. An appointment with an urologist is often advised to confirm or rule out these possibilities. Below is a list of tests that can help find out if residual urine is present:
• Digital rectal exam and biopsy
• Prostate –specific antigen
• Blood tests
• Rectal, and abdominal ultrasounds
• Prostate biopsy
• And urine flow testing

What happens after a urethra is dilated?

Recovery time can take awhile after urethra dilation because of the cuts and bruises that can often occur. During the healing process the urethra canal can begin to close again. Self-catheterization is normally used during this time to prevent this from happening. Patients that had no closing of the urethra after dilation could avoid having more surgeries.

What is interstitial cystitis, and how is it treated?

Interstitial cystitis is a condition that causes an abnormal bladder lining. Pain and frequent urination often occurs with this condition. A test called cystroscopy is often used to diagnose interstitial cystitis. Medication such as Elmiron and Amytryptiline can help reduce the pain and restore the bladder lining.

What causes a urethra to have white discharge?

Urethritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the urethra. This inflammation can cause the urethra to secrete a white substance. A urine test should be done to see if there is an infection present. Other testing may be needed to find out exactly where the discharge is coming from. A procedure known as Cystroscopy can be performed. This procedure consists of a camera that is placed in the bladder to pinpoint the location of the problem.

Like a hose, a urethra can become slightly kinked allowing a small stream of fluid to pass. The urethra can also become blocked and in return not allowing the urine to pass at all. There are many problems that can occur when either of these things happens. When questions arise about the urethra or problems, individuals can turn to the Experts that can help answer questions like these and more.
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