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Treating Upset Stomach in Dogs

What is upset stomach in dogs?

Gastritis or better known as upset stomach in dogs could be a serious or mild condition. A mild condition could be where the upset stomach only occurs once, as for a severe condition, this may be a repetitive condition. A dog may experience inflammation in the stomach lining, which could cause several issues. The stomach inflammation may cause a dog to have vomiting; upset stomach in dogs may lead to other serious medical conditions. It could be important that if a dog has an upset stomach, the dog sees a veterinarian.

What are common symptoms of upset stomach in dogs?

A dog that has an upset stomach may have several symptoms which may include but are not limited to:
• Unexpected vomiting
• Loss of appetite (anorexia)
• Mild or severe abdominal pain
• Some dogs may have blood in the feces or vomit
• Depression may occur
• Lethargy
• Mild to severe dehydration
• Increased thirst

A dog with an upset stomach may show 1 or more of these symptoms, not all dogs may show these symptoms. Some dogs with upset stomachs may not show any symptoms at all. Many questions may come up about upset stomach in dogs such as can a dog get more than one upset stomach or what medications can be used to stop an upset stomach in a dog. Read below where an Expert may answer these questions and several others about upset stomach in dogs.

What can be done for a dog that has an upset stomach and vomiting?

A dog that has an upset stomach could be given ¼ tablet of human Pepcid AC; this could be given every 8 hours. The Pepcid AC should help the acid in the stomach to settle and reduce the acid levels in the stomach. If the dog can go 3-4 hours without vomiting, it could be safe to give a spoonful of water; then wait to see how the dog reacts. If the dog does not vomit after an hour, then it may be okay to offer more. When a dog is becoming better, it may be time to give a bland diet in moderation such as boiled white rice and chicken. It could be advised if an individual waits an hour or so before offering more food, this is to ensure that the dog has not more issues with vomiting.

What can be done for a dog that is defecating during the night from an upset stomach?

Generally, when a dog has an upset stomach this could cause other issues for the dog. A dog may experience defecating issues such as not having control of bowel movements or constipation. It may sound as if the dog is having trouble holding its bowels. Usually, the best thing to do for a dog with an upset stomach that is causing bowel problems may too fast the dog for 24 hours. This could help give the digestive system time to settle; also, the dog may need Pepto Bismol. This medication may be given 1 teaspoon for every 20 pounds the dog weighs and around every 8 hours. When a dog is done fasting, a bland diet may be best for instance boiled chicken and white rice. After a couple days, it may be safe to slowly introduce the dogs regular food mixed with the bland diet. In the case where a dog is still having issues, the dog may need to be seen by a veterinarian for further evaluation.

Upset stomach in dogs may be one of the more common conditions a veterinarian may see. In some cases the upset stomach may be mild and others could be more serious. Typically the mild cases may clear up fast with no question however the severe cases may raise questions from the dog owner. These questions may include what causes upset stomach in dogs or how often can a dog get an upset stomach. For the answers to these questions contact an Expert.
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