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Upright Freezer Problems

Upright freezers are usually a standalone unit that is meant for keeping food frozen. Due to the freezers size and functionality the freezer can be quite handy and convenient to store an average amount of food for a considerable period of time. Sometimes individuals’ may face issues with the coolant system, compressor, thermostat, and so on regarding their upright freezer. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on upright freezer problems.

What could be the cause of an upright freezer to leak water, and the sides and the motor is warm? This started happening after the door was left open for a couple of hours.

Since the freezer door was left open for a while, the water leakage is probably from the freezer defrosting and the pan overfilling in the drain pan. This can also cause the compressor to work overtime which leads to the side walls and frame surrounding the freezer to warm up. In order to fix this, the individual would need to allow the freezer to remain as it is for at least 48 hours. The system should come back to normal as the water in the defrost drain pan evaporates as it normally would.

How would an individual access the exhaust fan on an upright freezer?

The main thing to note is this model does not have a fan. If you are hearing a sound similar to a fan it is nothing but the hot air in the interior of the freezer, cooling down and condensing which is causing the air to get sucked through the door seals. A fan does not perform the function of dispelling hot air. More than likely the problem with the unit could be a faulty thermostat or a sealed system problem. To check this, the individual would examine as to whether or not they hear if the motor is operating and if the compressor is cold to touch. If this is the case, the individual may need to replace the thermostat. If the compressor is working fine but the freezer is not cooling, the sealed system is the issue and will need a licensed technician to inspect the Freon pressure. If that is fine too, the compressor could be defective needing replacement.

Could an individual continue to use their upright freezer if the cooling is working but the back panel is hot to touch?

The individual will need to understand some basic principles based on which the freezer operates. The condenser coils could be mounted on the outside of the cabinet or within the cabinet walls. Once the unit starts to cool, it transfers the heat from the inside of the freezer to the condenser. When the freezer is started at room temperature, the amount of heat which needs to be dispersed to the condenser is high. However, the heat on the sides of the freezer is normal as some amount of heat generation will occur. It will reduce once the internal box temperature reduces to the set temperature. The individual would be able to continue to use their upright freezer.

What could cause an upright freezer to leak water from the bottom, even though the freezer is freeing efficiently?

Most likely the defrost drain is clogged. However, instead of the water draining out, the water is entering the freezer floor and leaking on to the floor. To resolve this problem first unplug the freezer and detach the lower rear panel inside your freezer. Here the individual will find the evaporator coils which defrost every 10 hours approximately. The drain which is about the size of a dime and which could be blocked is below the coils on the floor. Remove the ice and clear the hole. Use warm water to pour into the drain to ensure thorough clearing. If it does not clear out, insert a soft, flexible object and push it a couple of inches. Check the back of the freezer by removing the lower panel and looking for a tube which opens up over a drain pan. If you find a small amount of water in the pan, you have done the job right. The water will evaporate on its own.

What could be the problem with an upright freezer that the alarm continues to beep ever 15 minutes? The unit has had all contents removed and cleaned, however this has not helped.

This model is most likely to have a temperature control with a red light and a beeper. It is one of the main components of the freezer since the entire functioning is controlled by it. Electricity to individual parts passes first through the temperature control before getting dissipated to other parts. This control could have failed and may need to be replaced. Unplug the freezer and use a putty knife along the side of the door. The control will pop out of its place. Change the wires with the new part and push the control back to snap into position.

It is important to equip yourself with basic information to handle issues that may crop up with your upright freezers. Engaging the services of a technician for simple issues which can be handled by you will prove to be expensive as well as unnecessary. Basic issues such as defrosting can be managed by you if you have someone to guide you. Therefore insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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