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Universal Remote Control Problems

Remote controls that are programmed to operate different brands and models of consumer electronic devices are termed as Universal Remote Controls. These remotes can not only control the electronic devices set by their manufacturers but also program new control codes to the remote. The main purpose of these remotes is to ease the operation of your system. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Universal Remote Control that has been answered by the Experts.

My RCA Universal remote with model number D770 does not work. I cannot program it to my Toshiba DVD player. I have tried pointing the remote to the player and holding its power button down. I do not have the instructions also. How can I fix this problem?

In a case like this, if you want to program the Universal remote to your Toshiba DVD player, you would visit

You would have to go to page five of this document first. You would get the instructions on automatic code search from that page. It is the easiest way you could program the remote. In case, you are not able to program the remote control through those instructions, you would get the entry programming code on page six. You would have to use the AUX button when you enter the programming code. However, in this procedure, if you get the message from page two that says ‘IMPORTANT NOTE: The DVD button ONLY functions with RCA, GE and ProScan Players’; it means that your remote is incompatible with your Toshiba DVD player.

Is there a Universal Remote Control that would work with a Samsung SyncMaster 2693HM TV?

The TV model you are talking about does not have any remote control that would control the TV set. The Samsung SyncMaster 2693HM model was designed as a computer monitor for the purpose of desktop use. It has DVI and HDMI inputs that supports game consoles, DVD players and so on, but it does not have the option of being controlled by a remote. Moreover, there is no infrared sensor in this model that would allow a remote to control its TV unit. In this case the only option that you have is to use the touch controls present on the edge of the monitor to operate and control your TV. It is because of its design and hardware limitations the model does not have a remote.

How can someone program a RCA universal remote to a Toshiba DVD/VCR player?

To begin with, your Toshiba DVD/VCR player is a combination player. In this case, you would not be able to program the remote to your Toshiba player. This is because there are presently no codes available for Universal remotes that you can use to connect with combination players like yours. Units that are only capable of operating independently could be programmed into a Universal remote. You can, therefore, program the Universal remote for a VCR or DVD player separately, but not for a unit that has all the components integrated into it. However, you would find some remotes that could control such devices.

How can I program my RCA Universal remote (model number RCA3273) if the instruction manual is not available?

In a situation like this, if you want to program your RCA Universal remote control you could go online to: as you would get the manual of the remote from this website.

However, to get the list of codes that you can use to set up your Universal remote, you would visit

A Universal Remote is programmed to control several different electronic devices. These devices can range from DVD players to televisions to stereos. They have similar arrangement of buttons like normal remote controls. Programming these Universal remotes can be a complex procedure sometimes. In that case it’s always best to have it set up by a technician. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Universal Remote Control, you may ask a TV technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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