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Unemployment Extension Questions

Unemployment benefits offer a few more weeks of funds when regular unemployment benefits have ended. Unemployment extensions are created during times of high unemployment rates as a way of compensating unemployed individuals while searching for work. Below are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding unemployment extensions that have been answered by Experts.

I am being audited for not reporting earnings from a severance payment while drawing unemployment benefits. I was told that my Unemployment Insurance (UI) could be withheld for 13-47 weeks. Why didn't they tell me this when I filed for my extension? What can I do?

Generally, an overpayment of unemployment benefits will be considered non-fraud if you were not at fault for the overpayment. You will probably be expected to repay the non-fraud overpayment. You shouldn't be penalized for the overpayment as long as there is no evidence of fraud on your part. This means if the overpayment was made by accident, you will receive a letter stating the payments must be repaid but you probably won't have to wait the 13-47 weeks for unemployment insurance payments.

Many employees are unaware that the severance payment that they receive from their employer is intended for future wages. Situations like this can cause issues when the employee begins collecting unemployment. Once you have contacted the unemployment office and they have conducted an investigation, you can appeal the decision if they find that your actions were fraudulent. However, in your situation, you will probably just have to repay the overpayment.

It is important for you to continue to file your weekly reports in order to collect any payments that are due to you once you have been cleared from the audit. If you don't file your weekly reports, you may be denied the benefits that otherwise would be yours.

I am totally confused about NJ Unemployment insurance extensions. I will have exhausted my regular NJ 26 unemployment claim next week and still do not have a job, will I qualify for Tier 1? Is that still in existence? I find the explanations of the new legislature completely overwhelming. What can I do?

According to the US Dept of Labor, NJ, Nevada and RI have all triggered "off" of the Federal Extended Benefits (EB) program as of July 7, 2012. This means that your state's unemployment rate has fell below a set percentage rate which automatically triggers the EB to end. Usually, you would receive a letter from the NJ Division of unemployment if you were eligible for any unemployment compensation extensions. You may not have any extensions left for unemployment benefits. The Department of Labor has a website that discusses unemployment benefits EB program. To read about the NJ benefits, scroll down about half way through the page.

Regardless of this information, you may want to contact the unemployment office to find out if there may still be some benefits left for the NJ residents. If not, it may be possible that your state has added a few extra weeks of unemployment. You can file a complaint with your state representative about the lack of benefits offered by your state. If there are enough complaints, it may be possible that your state rep will try to make changes.

Assuming I qualify for another extension, if I take a temporary field assistant internship (without pay)abroad, how will this affect my unemployment claim, and what will I have to do to maintain benefits while I'm abroad so I can receive them again when I come back?

You will still need to file your weekly claims. However, you will have to claim unavailable for work due to being out of the country in the event that an employer offers you a job. You won't receive any benefits for the time you are not in the country. However, if you continue to file your claim, and file the first week upon return, claiming that you are now available for work, you will start receiving benefits again.

Unemployment extensions offer a person a few more weeks of income while searching for a job. Without extensions, many people would find it difficult to make ends meet. When dealing with unemployment benefits that are coming to an end, you should ask an Expert for options that would best suit your individual situation.
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