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Unemployment Benefits Problems

Unemployment benefits refer to payments that are made to people who are unemployed by the state. However, not everyone may get unemployment benefits. There are certain criteria that one must fulfill in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits. One may not always be aware of all the criteria and this can lead to various questions. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions that have been answered by thousands of Experts.

Will unemployment benefits be subjected to federal and state taxes in Maryland?

Unemployment benefits are taxable and may be subjected to both federal and state taxes in Maryland. The person who receives these benefits will get form 1099 – G which will have the amount of the payments that have been made. The person may report these payments on line 19 of Form 1040, line 13 of form 1040A and line 3 of form 1040EZ.

Will a person’s unemployment benefits be affected if he/she takes an early withdrawal from his/her 401 (K) plan?

In most situations, a person’s unemployment benefits may not be affected if they were to take an early withdrawal from their 401 (K) plan. However, he/she may be subjected to a penalty for withdrawing from the plan before the age of 59.

Would a person without a job be eligible to receive unemployment benefits?

In most cases, a person without a job may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. However, there are certain criteria that the person may have to fulfill. One may claim these benefits if a person is unemployed for no fault of their own. The individual also should have worked for a specific number of weeks and a specific number of hours each week in order to qualify for these benefits. The amount one may receive will depend on how much one earned when employed. A person can get more information about unemployment benefits by contacting the local office of the Department of Labor.

Can a person apply for Retroactive Unemployment Benefits?

In many cases, it can be possible for a person to apply for Retroactive Unemployment Benefits if the individual were to get benefits on a week to week basis. The person will have to re-apply for these benefits every week.

Would unemployment benefits be considered as earned income for tax purposes?

Unemployment benefits collected by an individual may not be considered as earned income for tax purposes.

Would an individual have to inform the Employment Development Department if he/she received severance pay from an ex-employer?

Severance pay received from an ex-employer may have to be reported to the employment development department. If not reported, the employer may be charged with the benefits.

Will a person stop receiving unemployment benefits if he/she passes the State Realty test for licenses?

A person’s unemployment benefits may not be stopped just because they have passed the state realty test for licenses and became qualified to work as a realtor. The individual may continue to receive benefits till they earn an income or sell property.

Losing a job can put you into financial trouble and leave you confused about your future. You may not know how to manage your life till the time you find a new job. Unemployment benefits can be useful in such situations. These benefits can help you cope with life financially and provide you with at least the basic minimum till you find a new job. However, you need to know the various legalities involved in claiming these benefits. You may ask an Expert if you have any doubts or need clarifications about them.
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