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Conduct Unbecoming

What is conduct unbecoming?

Conduct unbecoming is a charge in which the military charge officers that break the law or commit an act in which may hamper or endanger other military personnel. When a officer is charged with this, they may not know how to proceed and find themselves looking to find answers or advice regarding conduct unbecoming, conduct unbecoming an officer, conduct unbecoming a marine, or the definition of what conduct unbecoming is exactly. The Experts are a fast affordable way for any officer to get the advice that they may need to proceed.

What would be the formal charges an officer might face for troop abandonment and/or neglect?

There are three charges that the officer may face. The first one being cruelty and maltreatment, which is article 93 in the UCMJ. The following link will allow the officer to see in more depth what this is. The second offense the officer may face would be Dereliction of Duty. That is article 92 in the UCMJ and is further explained in the following link. The final charge the officer may face is Conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. This is article 133 of the UCMJ and can be found at the following link. There is a chance, however that all the above stated charges can apply to the officer if he/she dose not properly care for his/her troops.

Is there a charge in the military called “conduct unbecoming an airman”?

Though many First Sergeants believe this exists, there is no such thing in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Many officers are confused by article 133, which is conduct unbecoming an officer or gentlemen.

Can a Marine be charged with “Conduct Unbecoming an Untied States Marine”?

In this situation, the Marine SNCO may be confused because there is no such charge in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

If an officer was arrested off post for domestic violence and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence in civil court, can the military still charge the officer with conduct unbecoming?

If the military chooses to pursue an investigation into the charges and finds evidence to support the charges, then they can punish the officer regardless of what the civilian courts decide. The commanding officer is the one to decide of an independent investigation is warranted in this case.

Is a conduct unbecoming charge considered a felony and if so dose that go on a Commander’s felony record once the commander leaves the military?

A general court martial is considered a felony and will be on the officer’s permanent record. The officer may face many issues with this as many jobs do not look kindly to a felony record when considering the person for employment. The officer may try and request a pardon from the president to clear the felony off his/her record so that he/she may obtain employment outside the military.

Conduct unbecoming charges can affect a military officer’s life in so many bad ways. The officer, if convicted, may have a felony record and may not be able to get employment outside the military. Even civil charges, even if the officer is found innocent, can lead to an officer being charged within the military of conduct unbecoming. Many officers can be confused by the legal definitions found elsewhere may confuse and make things harder for the officer to fully understand what he/she faces. The Experts are a way to clear up any confusion the officer faces with their fast affordable advice.
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