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TV Resolution Problems

TV resolution in basic terms refers to the number of pixels displayed by the TV monitor. Most standard televisions have 480 lines of pixels lined across the width of the screen which, means that it has a TV resolution of 480. For an HD television, the broadcasts are now in a 720p format which basically indicates that the dimensions for these TV screens are 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. With many kinds of High Definition TVs in the market, a good TV resolution is a much sought after feature in the market today. Listed below are a few TV resolution questions answered by the Experts on TV resolutions.

My Vizio TV is not showing the TV resolution that I want. Why is this happening?

Your TV resolution will change depending on the source or the program you are viewing. For example, a TV will display at standard definition if you are viewing a standard definition TV program. Conversely, if the signal being fed to it is too high, the TV will not be able to display it. Press the Guide button on your remote to check what the resolution the program you are watching is being broadcast at. This is probably why you are not getting the reception you want.

My 73" Toshiba HM195 is not displaying images clearly. It doesn’t read 1080i anymore, the colors are not crisp and clear and they tend to blur. What should I do?

Case details: TV is five years old. Checked color preferences, examined all the cables.

It seems like you have a bad light engine which needs to be replaced. This is not a favorable situation as it is expensive to replace and may cost over $800-$900. The problem you are facing with the display is what is called a solarised picture—a common issue but difficult one to tackle. You would have to replace the engine to correct the problem.

Does a DLP HDTV have a better resolution than an LCD TV, and is the DLP HDTV more reliable?

Your TV resolution will depend on the brand and the model of the TV that you buy. Over time, LCD TVs have become more affordable and have a better picture quality. DLP sets are now available at a bargain since manufacturers have stopped making them owing to high operating costs and poor reliability. Therefore, it would be better to consider purchasing an LCD TV which should not only give you good display quality but also offer lower operating costs and more reliability.

I use my Toshiba Regza 32AV555D Television set with an Xbox 360 and want to know what is the maximum HD resolution I can get through the component video input?

Your TV can probably display a maximum TV resolution of only 720p or 1366x768 pixels. So use it with the Xbox 360 on component input but don’t use the maximum resolution the Xbox is capable of (1080p). Set it on 720p instead and it will still display a clear and sharp picture. To set the Xbox on 1080p, you would need to hook it up to a full High Definition (1080p) TV.

While you may have come across some of the problems mentioned above, there may be others that are unique to your own Television set such as pictures becoming grainy or stretched. While some of these problems can be addressed on your own by looking up the TV manual, there could be others that need professional intervention. Turn to a TV Technician who can offer insightful information to help you find the quickest and most cost-effective solution to your problem.
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