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TV Remote Problems

A TV remote controller is an electronic device which is able to wirelessly operate a TV over a short distance. Remote controllers are used in several other electronic devices and were designed to make life easier. Remote control has made considerable strides over the last few years. O These strides now have made them capable of very sophisticated functionality. TV remotes like other remotes operate through infrared light. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to that have been answered by the Experts.

What could be wrong when a Philips TV does not work with its own remote or any generic remote controls?

This sounds like the problem is with the IR sensor within the TV. Start by doing a camera test on the original remote to make sure it is working. Take the remote and a mobile phone with a camera into a dark room. Set the phone to camera mode. Point the remote at the phone in camera mode and press any button on the remote. Every time the button is pressed on the remote, there should be a flash on the phone screen. This indicates that the remote is transmitting an infrared signal. If flashes are visible then the remote is working and the IR sensor on the TV is at fault. It will most likely need to be replaced.

If a 2-year old Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 remotes does not work unless it’s an inch away and three other remotes had the same result, how can the remote to be repaired?

The problem has nothing to do with the remote. It all points to failure of the IR sensor on the TV which will have to be replaced. This is not unusual for this model of TV. There is no solution other than a replacement.

What would cause a remote to only be able to turn on the TV, change channels but not power off or change volume?

All the symptoms indicate a fault in the logic controller circuitry of the TV. Probable causes could be in the:
• Power supply unit (least likely)
• Keyboard controller (quite likely)
• Main board (most likely)

There is no option but to open the unit for visual inspection and voltage measurement to identify the fault. If you are planning to DIY you need to be familiar with electronic components and have access to a soldering iron and multi-meter.

Where can one buy a replacement remote for a Sansui P42V8 TV?

The best place to go is to Sansui itself. From the information provided it seems to be a 42” Plasma TV. In this there are four models from which a choice will have to be made according to the specific model.

A Sanyo TV remote is broken. How can the child proof lock be unlocked or overridden? The TV control panel is also locked.

There is no option but to get a replacement TV remote to unlock the panel which will be hard coded and will not clear under any circumstances. Individuals should be able to locate one by accessing remote replacement

TV remotes provide an enjoyable viewing experience because everything is at the viewer’s fingertips. They are however becoming increasingly sophisticated with ever-expanding functions. If needing help with a TV remote because it is complex or malfunctioning, call an Expert for assistance who can help with a solution.
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