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TV Distortion Problems

The word distortion generally refers to a change of something from its original shape or characteristic into something that is poor in quality. Distortion can happen with anything and especially in televisions. Many viewers have repeatedly reported of having TV distortion while watching television programs. TV distortion is a kind of disturbance in the picture and/or audio of a television program. It usually degrades the quality of TV viewing effect and experience for the viewers. They either cannot see clearly or listen properly and/or sometimes both. Below are a few frequent asked questions on issues relating to TV Distortion that has been answered by Experts.

If a TV appears to be fine when using the DVD player, and appears to be fine when operating the TV menu, but is distorted any other time, what could cause the problem when hooked up to cable?

In this particular case, since the TV’s internal menu does not seem to be distorted and the DVD player works fine, the problem could most likely be either with the signal provided by the Cable Company, the cable box or the cables through which the box is connected to the TV. It does not look like that the problem is with your TV. Therefore, in a situation like this, all you would need to do is get in touch with your cable provider and ask them to test their signal and then exchange the box with a new one if required. There are no alternate ways to fix the problem in this case.

If a Vizio Tv has faulty capacitors, can this cause distortion or the TV to go completely black?

In a case like this, it is more than likely that a faulty capacitor can cause such symptoms to happen. Therefore, what you need to do now, in order to cure this issue, is change these defective capacitors. You may visit to get the part. However, there are several various versions of these parts available, which is why you would need to be very careful while verifying the part number and check if it matches with the one in your TV. You can also visit various electronics stores like ShopJimmy, River Valley Electronics and so on to buy the part. Moreover, the loud pop that you heard could be due to the IPM on the Y Sustain board that has caused no picture with audio. In this case, the Y Sustain or the Y driver may need a replacement.

My Samsung TV has a distortion in the picture. There are color blotches on the screen that are present most of the time. What is the problem here and how to fix this?

To begin with, there is no reset option for this unit apart from disconnecting it. Moreover, it looks like your TV has an internal failure. Therefore, in this case, there are few possible reasons that may have caused this problem to occur. It could be either because of a power supply failure or a faulty panel board. If it is a power supply failure issue, there are high possibilities that the capacitors of this model have failed and therefore may have led to such problems. In case, this is what the problem is, then you could expect to pay around one hundred and seventy five to two hundred dollars to repair this set. However, a replacement of the power supply board would cost you around two hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars. On the other hand, if the problem lies with the panel, it would be a better idea to buy a new set as purchasing the part would cost you more than a new TV set. It would cost you around eight hundred dollars just for the part. If you do not have the proper equipment and experience in handling these issues on your own, it is always best to take the help of a repairman to know the cause of the exact problem and to have the set repaired.

TV Distortion can occur due to various causes. It can vary from signal interference to problems with your own equipment. Usually, snow and lines on the screen are the most common forms of TV distortion along with poor connections, incorrect TV settings, low quality devices, color blotches and so on. Therefore, it is always better to either troubleshoot or contact a repairman when you have a distorted picture or fuzzy sound while viewing television. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to TV Distortion, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.

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