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TV Contrast Problems

Contrast is a concept of luminosity that represents and displays an image in a more distinct manner. The ratio between the brightest color and the darkest color that a television or a video projector can produce is termed as the contrast ratio. A high contrast ratio is generally what viewers want to experience in a display. However, even though it’s stated that the TV contrast ratio is same for every model, there is no standard measure for it and therefore, the actual contrast tends to vary from model to model. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to TV Contrast Problems that has been answered by the Experts.

What can be the problem if a Vizio TV has a dark and low TV contrast picture when it is turned on?

In this case, the problem could most likely be caused because of the inverters. Therefore, if you want to fix this problem, you would need to get an inverter. You may visit in order to get the part. However, you should be careful in checking the part number as there are several other versions of the part available.

How can I adjust the contrast on my Sharp TV when there is no menu button on my SystemLink RCA remote?

Usually, a universal remote can perform some basic functions on your TV but not all of them. Therefore, in case you see that your SystemLink RCA remote is not functioning or you are unable to activate the menu through this remote or you have tried using all the codes listed for your remote, it means your remote could be universal and is unlikely to work in this case. Thus, in a situation like this, you would need to have the original remote to the TV in order to have access to the menu button for adjusting the contrast level on your Sharp TV. You may visit to request a original remote for your TV.

How can I turn off the "Advanced Contrast Enhancer" on my TV if it shows it was already turned off in the menu?

In this case, what you would need is a software upgrade that should help you cure this problem. For downloading the software, you could click on Now, in order to receive the upgrade, you would need to contact Sony. You can ask them to send the software on a memory stick as it would be easier for you to update it. You could simply plug in the memory stick and do the upgrading. Alternately, if the software upgrade could not fix your issue, the only thing that you can do is to have the BM3 board replaced in order to find out if that can cure this problem. In case it does not, you would then need to consider replacing the panel board.

What would one do if there is a prompt saying to use the “User Mode” to adjust the TV contrast, even though the original remote to the TV is being used?

In most cases, you would find that almost every TV remote has a button on it that is used for changing the preset picture settings. However, these buttons are named differently that varies from model to model. For instance, they are called AV Selection on Pioneer TV sets. Usually, when you push these buttons to change the picture settings, the options that you get are Movie, Standard, Dynamic, Game, User and so on. In some cases, however, you could change and adjust the color, contrast or the brightness of the picture, only if you are customizing these picture control features through the ‘User Mode’. This is because these modes are restored in the factory settings. In your case, you would therefore, need to get to the ‘User Mode’ to be able to adjust the contrast on your TV.

Even though contrast ratio is an important specification in modern televisions and the manufacturers boast about having impressive contrast ratios in their televisions sets, there are many TV contrast problems that viewers face. These problems may relate to issues like excessive backlighting in TV’s, poor contrast ratio in the picture, presence of rainbow effect and so on. You can either troubleshoot or hire a technician to help you fix these TV contrast problems, in case they arise. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to TV Contrast Problems, you may ask a TV Technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.

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