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Turtle Care

What are turtles?

Turtles are a type of reptile that has a special bone like or cartilage like shell that develops from the rid area that acts as a shield. In many cases, the first species of turtles were believed to be alive 220 million years ago. These species can be found both at the sea and on the land, depending of what sub-species the turtle is. the turtle’s temperature generally depends on what the temperature is in the environment it is living in. Turtles are known to breathe air and lay eggs in order to reproduce. When someone owns a turtle, questions about the care can arise. Read below where a few questions about turtles have been answered by Experts.

What does an owner need to do in order to treat a turtle that has a respiratory infection?

When a turtle has a respiratory infection, it may need to be seen by a reptile vet in order to have antibiotics prescribed. During this treatment, the turtle may need to be kept warm and well fed. Turtles may also need to be checked for parasites in order to make sure these are not in the lungs.

How is shell rot treated in turtles?

When a turtle has shell rot, medications such as Baytril are normally given for treatment. Shell rot is a type of bacterial infection that requires a type of topical treatment to rid the infection. Owners may also want to keep the enclosure clean and make sure the area stays dry for the first few hours after treatment has been given.

How is pneumonia treated in turtles?

When a turtle has pneumonia, there may be a chance it will need to have some sort of testing done in order to determine the cause for the pneumonia. Once the cause is found, treatment may be determined at this time. In some cases, the pneumonia may be treated with antibiotics.

What can be done for a mass on a turtle and what could cause this?

When a turtle has any kind of mass, this can be caused from many different things. Some masses can be caused from a growth while others can be caused from bacterial infections that have developed into the abscess stage. Some masses can be caused from a cyst or fibrous growth. A vet may want to look at this mass and run tests on it to find the exact cause. Once the cause is found, a vet may then decide on what the best treatment may be.

What can be done to help a turtle to eat?

When a turtle is having issues eating, in many cases the owner may be able to determine if the turtle is in hibernation. If the turtle is not in hibernation, the owner may be able to make sure that the turtle has plenty of green veggies to eat, warm environment, dry land, and water. The owner may also want to take the turtle to the vet to see if there is any kind of treatment that can be done to help the turtle eat.

What can be done for a sick turtle to give them energy again?

When a turtle is sick, owners may need to keep the turtle in an environment that is warm. The owner may also want to try and give it a mixture of corn syrup and water to help the turtle re-gain energy.

Turtles are a type of reptile that has a shell covering the majority of their body. Turtles are normally known for being the oldest reptile species in the world. When someone owns a turtle, questions regarding the care and treatment can arise. When these questions are in need of answers, the owner can ask the Experts.
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