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Chevy Turn Signal Questions

Has the turning signal stopped working? Do you need help finding the right fuse for the turn signal? Do you need troubleshooting tips to decipher the exact problem? A Chevy turn signal is subject to wear and tear or faults that may require specific solutions. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

What could cause the brakes to flash when the Chevy turn signal is on in a C3500 HD?

There could be many reasons for this fault caused by switching on the turn signal. One common cause is a short in the rear lamps junction part no. 15304995. This block is located behind the rear bumper on the body and rear lamps wiring runs through it. Check to see if there is a problem there and replace the junction box if required. If the problem persists, check the bulb socket assembly by moving the bulb around in the tail light socket. If the problem comes and goes as the bulb is moved around, then the socket needs to be replaced. In case the third light is also blinking along with the brake lights then it could be cause the voltage is back feeding through the turn signal multi-function switch that is located in the steering column. Test for voltage at the white wire in the multi-function switch when the turn signal is on. If voltage is present, then the switch has shorted out and needs to be replaced. If none of these problems exist, then it is best to ask an Expert for help on this problem.

What could prevent the left turn signal in the front and back from working properly in a Chevrolet Express 2500?

The turn signals for the Express 2500 are routed through the Body Control Module (BCM) of the vehicle. A scan tool will need checked for codes in the BCM to ascertain the reason why the Chevy turn signal is not working. Also check some of the fuses in the fuse box below the hood to ensure that none of them have blown. Check the fuses labeled BCM 3, BCM 5, BCM 6 and fuses 26, 27 and 23. If the fuses seem fine, then the scan tool will give an indication of the problem. One of the reasons could be a bad BCM or a wire shorted in the circuits. Once the codes are obtained an Expert will be able to help repair the problem.

What could cause the Chevy turn signal fuse in a 1993 Cavalier to keep blowing after few minutes of operation?

Such a problem can be caused by a fault in the system. Test for this by setting the hazard flashers on and letting them operate. If the hazard fuse also blows then it is probably due to a faulty ground in the front lamp circuits or faulty bulb sockets. If the hazard lights work without any problem, then that means everything from the switch to the lamps is working fine and there is no short there. Therefore the issue could be between the fuse and the switch itself. Check the wires to see if they have been worn out against a bracket or any other component. Also the back-up lamps share the same fuse as the turn signal. A fault in that circuit may put a load on the system thereby blowing the fuse. So check the inspecting bulbs, wiring and back-up switch to see if they are working properly.

Diagnosing an issue in a Chevy turn signal can be a difficult and time consuming process. Therefore, it is recommended to get insights from Experts who will be able to provide the right information and answer any questions that may arise.
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