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Tumescence Related Questions

Do you experience tumescence or want to learn more about nocturnal penile tumescence testing? Tumescence is the swelling phase of an erection in the anticipation of sexual intercourse. When suffering with erectile dysfunction, many patients are given a nocturnal penile tumescence test. When dealing with such a sensitive subject as tumescence, you want to know where to find the most reliable information. Read below where Experts have answered these questions and more regarding tumescence.

Can the restriction of tumescence cause blood in the semen?

It is possible for this to happen, however, there may be several issues that could cause this. First, have a testicular and prostate examination to ensure there are no underlying issues. Urine testing may be required to check for infection. A cystoscopy may then be necessary depending on the lab results. There is the possibility of a urethral tear which can be repaired.

How can a patient be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction if they experience tumescence?

A patient can have erectile dysfunction (ED) and still have nocturnal penile tumescence. This type of erection occurs in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep. If the patient has this type of erection, the cause for ED is likely psychological because the penis can still function physically. A consultation with a sex therapist is recommended for further evaluation and treatment.

Can a tumescence test determine what could cause an erection to be softer than usual?

A weak erection is a common symptom of erectile dysfunction and will require a physical evaluation. Possible causes for erectile dysfunction include, but are not limited to:

There are specific tests given to determine the cause which include:

  • nocturnal tumescence test
  • neurological evaluation
  • dynamic infusion cavernosometry and cavernosography (DICC)
  • ultrasound

The treatment will depend upon the test results.

If alcoholism and depression doesn't affect tumescence, how could these conditions cause erectile dysfunction?

Case details: Doctor is treating patient for alcoholism and depression rather than treating the erectile dysfunction.

Alcoholism and depression are two of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. The doctor is probably focusing on these issues to rule out other causes. There are basically two forms of erectile dysfunction which are organic and inorganic.

Organic erectile dysfunction could be caused by:

  • lack of blood supply to the penis
  • injury
  • nerve damage
  • infection

Inorganic erectile dysfunction could be caused by:

  • anxiety
  • alcoholism
  • performance

A patient who has organic ED cannot achieve an erection at any time, especially nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). Patients with inorganic ED can get an erection but usually cannot maintain it. Since the patient has the ability to get an erection, the cause is likely inorganic.

What could prevent an erection while awake when nocturnal penile tumescence still occurs?

The fact that the patient can acquire an erection while sleeping means there isn't an issue with the mechanism of the penis. Nocturnal penile tumescence means the penis can become erect without stimulation. If the patient is unable to acquire an erection while awake and with stimulation, inorganic ED can be the cause. A consultation with a doctor is necessary to determine the cause. 

Tumescence has been the subject between many male patients and their doctors. Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often ask why they can still achieve an erection while sleeping. Of course some patient's find this discussion very uncomfortable. If you are dealing with ED and want to learn more about tumescence or nocturnal penile tumescence, you can ask a verified Expert from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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