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Tuition Reimbursement

What is tuition reimbursement?

Tuition reimbursement can be used in order to relate to the cost of a course or even a full year of school. Tuition reimbursement is also another form of financial aid. When an individual is eligible for a tuition reimbursement the individual may not have to pay right away, instead they may only be required to sign an agreement that they will be held reliable to pay the tuition back at a later day. When dealing with the many different tuition policies and tuition laws there are many questions that can arise. The Experts have answered many questions dealing with tuition reimbursement like the one answered below.

If an employee located in the state of Texas signs and agreement stating that they cannot leave the employment of the company for two years after graduation or they will have to repay the tuition reimbursement but then decides to quit the company before graduation , can the employee be made to repay the tuition reimbursement?

In the state of Texas, it is possible for the employer to seek out repayment of the tuition reimbursement if the employee breaks the contract that they signed. The company may seek a legal judgment against the employee and the report the judgment to the credit burro. The employee may be able to talk to the employer and work out a payment plan to pay back the tuition reimbursement or seek to be let out of the contract all together.

How long does a company in Arizona have to request a repayment of tuition reimbursement?

In most cases a company will have a contract in place that spells out the repayment options for tuition reimbursement. If there is a contract in place then there is no technical time frame for the company to ask for repayment of the tuition reimbursement. If the company chooses to take the issue to litigation, then in most cases a three year statute of limitation may be upheld.

Can a company refuse tuition reimbursement for gender/race and performance issues if they were four months over the time allowed presenting the write up?

If the employer is discriminating against the employee for sex/race/disability, then the employee may be able to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found at the following link. www.eeoc.gov. In most cases the reimbursement of the tuition cannot be linked to the goals set forth by the company to the employee unless the company changes the goals.

In the state of Arizona, is it illegal for a company to demand an employee to work overtime hours if the hours conflict with the schooling that has already been paid for?

In the state of Arizona, the employer has the right to demand that an employee work overtime hours. The employee would need to work out the schedule change with the employer and the school so that they could meet the requirements of both. The state of Arizona does not have any laws that limit the amount of overtime that an employer can make an employee work.

If an employer fails to promote an employee to a position in the company that matches the employee’s education level, is the employee required to pay back any tuition reimbursement paid by the company?

Unless the contract for tuition states that the employer would offer a job based on education advancement within a specified time frame during the year commitment and the employee decides to quit the job, then the employee will still have the obligation of paying back the tuition reimbursement to the company. In most cases, however, the advancement of education does not always guarantee a promotion in the company.

When an employee decides to sign a contract to repay tuition reimbursement and fails to comply with the contract obligation, then the employee may find themselves face with paying back the tuition reimbursement. Many employees find themselves faced with the hard decision of breaking the contract if the employer does not act in a reasonable manner. Questions may arise in these cases of the employee’s rights and obligations to repay the tuition reimbursement to the company. If this is the case then the Experts is an affordable way to ask these questions and get the answers that may help the employee work through the confusion.
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