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Tubal Reversal Questions

Tubal reversal is a surgical procedure that reconnects the fallopian tubes in order for a woman to become pregnant. There are certain tests that should be taken prior to a tubal reversal as well as a few precautions to take after the procedure. To learn more about tubal reversal, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

After a tubal reversal, when is it safe to start trying to conceive?

Usually, the safest time to begin having sex is six weeks after the procedure. This typically allows for enough healing time. In most cases, the fallopian tubes heal fast due to the amount of blood flow they receive. However, recovery time tends to be faster if the procedure is laparoscopic. With laparoscopic surgeries, two weeks is usually enough time for recovery.

In most cases, the patient’s doctor will discuss plans for pregnancy either before or after the procedure. Before a surgery is planned, many doctors will also test the patient for “ovarian reserve” to ensure proper ovarian function. This testing usually consists of blood work and perhaps ultrasonic measurements. A post operative check up is usually scheduled at two weeks after the surgery.

What can be expected after having a tubal reversal?

Generally, 90% of tubal reversals result in a successful surgery. Many times, two out of three women conceive within the first year after the reversal has been performed. The surgery is generally an outpatient surgery with a basic hospital stay of around five hours. Usually, if there are no complications, the woman can expect to be released the same day. She should take rest and not exert herself. All normal activities should also be avoided for at least two weeks.

If the woman is in good health, a normal pregnancy can usually be expected. In a few rare cases, women who are older run the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. This is why it is important the woman notifies her doctor as soon as a period has been missed. Her blood can then be tested and if pregnant, the progress can be closely monitored.

Should a 41 yr old woman having a tubal reversal request fertility medication?

Typically, a woman should first determine if her eggs are still viable before having a tubal reversal done. An AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) test can be performed to check this.. If the test result is less than 1.0, the tubal reversal can be avoided. However, if the result is higher than 1.0, the tubal reversal should be successful if a qualified surgeon performs the surgery. In this case, the woman usually wouldn't need to take fertility medicine either. May women are known to get pregnant easily, without medication, in their 40s and they just need to have plenty of water, prenatal vitamins and exercise.

What is the cost of a tubal reversal?

Generally, a tubal reversal can start from $5000 and go higher. This procedure is popular with many couples due to the short amount of time involved in performing it and because the cost is lesser than in vitro. Usually, the majority of women who have a tubal reversal performed become pregnant within six months. In some cases, however, it may take a year for a woman to conceive. Women who would like to have a tubal reversal done generally have to be seen by a doctor first, along with their surgical records, to be evaluated as a possible candidate for the surgery.

Is it normal for a bikini type incision to bleed after a tubal reversal?

Some bleeding is acceptable if the incision is free of redness or an infection. Many times, the blood is a result of a seroma which is a small pocket of blood and fluid that forms under fatty tissue. If the bleeding seems to be the only issue, the area can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times daily. In most cases, infections don't occur in the later parts of the healing process. However, if there are any signs of an infection, it is better to discuss it with a doctor at the earliest.

A tubal reversal provides a woman an opportunity to have a baby even after she has been infertile for a while. However, many people do not have enough information about this procedure and how it is performed. As a possible candidate for a tubal reversal, you may have many questions and concerns when considering this procedure. Direct your queries to an Expert now for medical clarity and information based on your case history.
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