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Grass Trimmer Questions

A trimmer is a powered handheld device which uses a flexible mono filament line as a replacement for a blade for cutting grass and other plants. The components of a trimmer are a cutting head at the end of a long shaft with a handle or handles. Some models may have shoulder straps. Trimmers are also referred to as edge and line trimmers, snipper whippers, weed whackers and so on. Listed below are some commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts on trimmers.

What is the gas and oil ratio for a gas powered trimmer which is 32CC?

The gas and oil ratio on a 32 CC gas powered trimmer would be 50:1.

Why does a Bosch trimmer operate very slowly and spark when trying to change the trimmers?

There could be two possible issues, either a faulty motor which is making it operate slowly or it could be a defective battery pack. You should try taking the battery pack to the company to check it. In case this trimmer is under warranty you could return the whole trimmer. Do not tamper with it as it may nullify the warranty.

Can an individual fix a power cable that is just bare wires for a Bosch trimmer?

In most cases, this part would not be covered under warranty. You would need to take it to a repair shop and they would need to replace the whole lead. Another option would be to go to the store you purchased this trimmer from and obtain a water proof connector. Use this to join the cable. If you are considering using a tape around it, it may not be a very good or safe idea.

Can an individual open or dismantle the unit to replace the battery for a Norelco trimmer that is not retaining its charge?

This unit generally comes with a two year warranty. If your appliance has crossed this period, it is probably a more reasonable solution to purchase a new trimmer rather than buying a new battery. The current prices of these trimmers range from $8 to $43.

Why won’t an electric pole trimmer work?

If you are indicating the problem with the trimmer is there is no power and nothing seems to come on or work, it signifies a faulty on/off switch or a defective trigger mechanism. This is not an easy repair which can be handled at home. You probably need to take your trimmer to a lawn appliances repair shop.

Why does a Bosch trimmer stop working when held at certain angles?

The most common reason for this type of an issue would be a broken wire with the insulation still in place. Usually the point at which the wire enters the unit is the area where a lot of movement such as bending and flexing occurs. Most likely this is where the wire could have snapped. A solution you can try would be to take the unit apart until a point where the cord can be cut around six inches around the area where it enters the appliance. This action removes the bad section of the wire all together. After doing this, if the problem persists, there is probably something which has disconnected or come loose within the trimmer. It could be a faulty brush or metal contact from a switch.

Trimmers are useful appliances to keep your lawn and gardens prim and proper. They take care of weeds and ensure the contour of your landscape is maintained. Due to the various varieties of trimmers available today, you can be quite creative with what you can do, whether it is for regular maintenance or for recreational activity. Trimmer problems can be quite troublesome especially if you use it occasionally and it does not work when you need it to. To address the problems you are facing, consulting Experts could prove quite useful to understand your problem and your options instead taking it directly to a repair shop.
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