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UCMJ Treason Laws

What is treason?

Treason is the act in which a civilian or soldier uses information or other sources to help the enemies of the United States gain power and control. Read below where the top five questions regarding treason, treason law, penalty for treason, and consequences of treason are advised upon by the Military Lawyers.

If the U.S. Government is sending the American jobs to foreign countries, can treason charges be brought against them?

Although the citizens of the U.S.A are all upset at the state of the economy, they cannot bring treason charges against the U.S. Government. The advised action to take on this matter is for the American people to vote the current Government out of office and vote in a new Government.

If the members of Congress have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, can they be arrested for treason if they break the oath that they took?

The military takes an oath to follow the orders of The President of the United States of America. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court decides that Congress has broken the oath to protect the Constitution, then members of the military cannot question Congress.

If a Slovak Republic or any other European nation resident joins the U.S. Military and then decides to return to their own country, can that country file treason against them?

This act is not considered treason by most European Countries, neither is it considered treason by the United States. Some countries may end the citizenship, but the Slovak Republic is not one of these countries.

If a person is found guilty of treason, does the military still use hanging as a punishment?

The military has changed there polices in regards to the punishment for treason to lethal injection. If you need more answers, the Military Experts are great source of knowledge if a person has questions regarding the punishments for treason.

If a Veteran files for disability and is denied can he or she fight to get their disability through the military?

The VA will do an inquiry to see if the solider was discharged with less than honorable circumstances or dishonorable circumstances. The VA will also see if the discharge can be changed or looked into again to redefine the discharge status. The soldier would need to have the VA look into this and make a determination as to the status of the discharge of the soldier.

Treason is a very serious offense that the Military doses not take lightly. When a person is faced with charges of treason, they may find themselves lost and confused as to the consequences of treason or the punishment for treason. Treason can be punished by lethal injection or jail time. Treason, being the serious offense that it is, is not something a person should take lightly and should obtain a lawyer as soon as they can. When a person finds themselves faced with these charges, the Military Lawyers are available to help answer questions regarding treason, treason laws, consequences of treason, punishment for treason, and what are considered acts of treason.
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