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Trash Compactor Problems

A trash compactor is a machine used to reduce the quantity and size of the waste material using hydraulics. In many residences it is installed below the kitchen sink counter. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on trash compactor problems.

How would an individual uninstall a Kenmore trash compactor?

If your countertop is laminate or solid surface top, the trash compactor will be anchored to the underside with screws and with epoxy if the countertop is granite. A chisel may be required to break the bond between the trash compactor mounting bracket and the granite top. The bracket would be visible at the front edge of your countertop with the drawer open and in some cases with the drawer closed as well. The wiring of the compactor usually has its own circuit. Turn off the power at the electrical panel and pull the wire down to the basement. Next attach a junction box with a blank plate securing the bow to a floor joist. Attach the wire nuts separately at the end of the leads and turn on the power in order to determine if something else is present on the circuit. If there is a circuit devoted you could leave the breaker. If there is a complete basement below the junction box it can be accessible in your new cabinet or where preferred. A junction box cannot be buried.

What could be the issue if a trash compactor’s ram moves down and does not reverse until it is unplugged?

It is most likely an issue with the motor and unlikely this issue due to a faulty gearbox. These motors generally have an inbuilt centrifugal switch. Therefore when the motor gets worn down due to the extra load from the gears, the switch gets activated reversing the direction of the motor. This may not be happening in your case and if the gears are intact or normal, the motor may need replacement to tackle this issue.

How can an individual fix their trash compactor that is stuck in the down position and when in the up position the compactor makes a loud noise?

The compactor is very difficult to remove from the cabinets with the ram down and the door closed. With the door closed it is not possible to gain access to the mounting screws which allows the unit to be mounted to the kitchen cabinets. You should probably contact the cabinet maker to help you dismount the counter top to be able to reach the counter screws.

Is is possible to open the door of a trash compactor manually?

In most cases, it is not possible to open the door manually. You may need to remove the entire unit from the cabinet by removing the mounting screws. Next remove the outer panel across the drive gear. Try manually rotating the gear to try and move the ram up in order to open the door. The main task is to getting the unit out from the cabinet and getting the drawers open by removing the panels.

What could be the problem with a trash compactor that makes a loud clicking noise when switched on and will only stop when the unit is off?

If the compactor returns to its position if the switch is turned off and when turned on, the noise stops and it goes back up, the motor is slipping. This is because the unit is designed in such a manner, if the motor is not given enough room and cannot move it tries to reverse its direction. This is not happening, in your case. The power nuts on the left and right side of the compactor could be worn out needing replacement. The other issue could be the large plastic drive gear under the compactor has depreciated, needing replacement. Disengage the compactor and slant it to one side to remove the bottom panel and check for signs of gears being worn out. If they do seem to be worn out replace them. If they are fine you need to replace the power nuts inside the compactor.

Trash compactors are necessary in compact and reducing waste and trash effectively for easy and clean disposal. If you face issues with it, it may lead to unhygienic conditions, stench in your kitchen not to mention a lot of inconvenience. It is important to find the area at fault and take corrective action. In order to do so, you can find information and solutions from the Experts.
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