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Transportation law Questions

What are transportation laws and regulations? Transportation law is a set of rules and regulations to overlook the different areas of transport. There are a lot of aspects of the transportation law that individuals may not know of. Given below are common questions about transportation law answered by Experts.

Would an individual’s Civil Rights be violated if they were given a citation for use of high beams?

The transportation law may differ in different parts of the United States. In some states like Texas, in some cases this may not be considered a violation of the transportation code to use high beam lights. Hence, if an individual was falsely given a citation for using high beams and there was no other reason for the citation, it may be considered to be a violation of this individual’s Civil Rights.

Can a vehicle that has not been given a salvaged title if its damages are more than the market value of the vehicle itself?

According to transportation law, a vehicle can be given a salvaged title after its repairs if its damages in an accident are more than the vehicle’s fair market value.

Can an individual get their speeding tickets suspended from their driving record?

If an individual pays the speeding ticket, what this means is that this individual admits to committing the traffic violation. Therefore, this individual may not be able to suspend the ticket. If the individual does not pay the speeding tickets, they can dispute them stating that they were wrongly given and may have a chance to suspend the tickets.

What can an individual do if a person falsely takes money from him/her for a transportation company and does not return it?

If the individual has written proof of the transactions between him/her and the owner of the false transportation company, he/she may file a lawsuit for a breach of contract, if the owner does not return the money. Since the money was taken as an investment for the company, if it was not used for the same, it may be considered to be a breach of the contract. The individual may file a lawsuit against the owner in a small claims court.

Would an individual be responsible if an auto transport broker did not pay the carrier that delivered their vehicle?

As per the law, if the individual had paid the auto transport broker in full, then he/she may not be responsible if the broker did not pay the carrier who delivered the vehicle to him/her. The carrier may have to go behind the broker for the payment. If the broker is no longer in business, the carrier may not be able to do anything about it and may have to consider it a loss.

Can an individual use the Texas Transportation Code’s Affirmative Defense for Operating Vehicle with Heavy Axle Load to contest an overweight ticket in Texas?

An individual may be able to use the Texas Transportation Code’s affirmative defense for operating vehicle with heavy axle load to contest an overweight ticket if their axle weight was not heavier than the authorized axle load, the individuals trailer that was carrying wood, timber, cotton or agricultural products in its natural form and if the trailer was not on a part of the national system of interstate and defense highways.

Transportation laws may differ from state to state in the United States. It is important for individuals to be informed on what the transportation laws are in your respective state or jurisdiction. You can ask an Expert if you have any questions or don’t understand any aspect of the transportation laws and regulations.
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