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Mercedes Transmission Problems

Do you hear strange noises coming from the Mercedes transmission? Do you have trouble shifting into gear? Difficulties shifting to higher gears or even fluid leaks are all transmission signs of issues or failure. Without the use of tools, there are several ways to check to see if the transmission is in good shape. Many times a leaking Mercedes transmission is an indication of a faulty or worn transmission. This alone can be a source of anxiety for owners and can cause questions.

To get more information on Mercedes transmission repair, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

How can the Mercedes E350 transmission fluid level be checked? What type of transmission fluid should be added?

Usually a common leak on the Mercedes transmission arises at the electrical harness connector and this connector is replaceable. The pan gasket is another common area for a leak. This particular Mercedes may not have a transmission dipstick installed on it. Hence a Mercedes dipstick tool may need to be ordered to check the level of Mercedes transmission fluid present. It is advisable to use only recommended Mercedes transmission fluid in the transmission.

How can the Mercedes transmission fluid be added to the 200D S430?

The Mercedes transmission fluid is typically added at the filler tube located at the passenger side, rear of the engine compartment. There may be a need to remove the air cleaner assembly so that filler tube can be accessed easily. As mentioned in the earlier answer a dipstick tool may need to be ordered to check the Mercedes transmission fluid level.

What are the steps to change the Mercedes Benz transmission oil on a B200T?

The exact specific steps to change the Mercedes Benz transmission fluid usually depends whether it is a manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT). However the basic procedure is quite similar for both types of Mercedes transmission. First the drain plug should be removed; the fluid should be drained after which it should be refilled with appropriate type of Mercedes transmission fluid.

Draining and filling on a CVT requires four liters and there may not be a necessity to remove all the fluid as there are combustible substances which can ruin the transmission fluid. Replacing four liters would be sufficient to replenish the tarnish fighting detergent properties of the fluid. In a manual transmission vehicle, the Mercedes transmission fluid should be drained as well but it may need to be refilled with the help of a pump. The plug should be pulled out from the side of the transmission and new fluid can be pumped in until it starts to leak out. The plug can be replaced once done. Though this can be handled by the car owner, it is easier to have it done at an independent shop. This is because a Mercedes transmission oil change can be more time consuming and relatively more complicated than a regular oil change. It is also worth the extra cost involved.

How much would it cost for a new Mercedes Benz transmission to be installed on a S320 (1997 model)?

This car has a 722.6 transmission. If the transmission is purchased from a Mercedes dealer, it usually retails for $2,700 and comes with a two year warranty. This is an average cost and varies based on the location of the owner. The labor hours required to remove and install the transmission is approximately 9 hours and the required fluid costs approximately $75. An independent shop may charge a couple of hundred dollars lesser than a dealer but overall the cost of this entire replacement including parts and labor could approximately be $4,000.

What are the repercussions of a collapsed rear Mercedes transmission mount on a C320?

A collapsed rear Mercedes transmission mount essentially implies the cushioning effect is absent from the mount probably due to wear and tear or sagging rubber. The result of this can be vibration while idle or on acceleration. While there may be no potential danger in driving the car, it is better to have it repaired or addressed as soon as possible. If the above symptoms are already being displayed, replacement should be done within the next 500 to 1,000 miles. The Mercedes will not stall in case the mount is not replaced.

Mercedes transmission problems are usually communicated through fault codes or when you face driving issues. In case of fault codes, the first step would be to use a Mercedes scan tool to know the diagnostic trouble codes. When faced with other driving issues or transmission leaks it could be a Mercedes transmission issue. Hence to diagnose the specific Mercedes transmission problem you are facing, Experts could provide more information on Mercedes transmission repair. Their opinions can assist in taking the right or informed decision regarding a Mercedes transmission problem.
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