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Volvo Transmission Troubleshooting

Is your Volvo transmission shuddering? Is transmission fluid becoming brown and reducing rapidly? The transmission is essentially the mechanism of the gear changing or shifting system that channelizes the engine power to the wheels. The presence and option for gear changing is to maintain the engine power and supply maximum power to the wheels continuously. It also ensures this occurs at all conditions and from the time the car is started until it reaches high speeds. Problems with the transmission can be troublesome as well as dangerous. To understand and deal with these problems, you may need Expert input and opinions. Read below where Experts have answered questions for Volvo owners.

Why does the Volvo V40 transmission rev but fail to go faster while driving below 40 MPH?

Case Details: It drives fine once the 40 MPH mark is crossed. The problem repeats on slowing down.

Debris or crud in the transmission could be clogging the valve body causing this issue. The reason for the problem to diminish over 40 MPH is that the motor spins faster thereby causing the transmission fluid pump to spin faster too. This facilitates better pressure, clearing blockage. To prevent damage and to fix this issue, replace the fluid and filter. Try flushing the transmission by using the transmission itself to pump the old fluid while new fluid is added. You should avoid using the flushing machine. This is especially the case if your Volvo has covered over 120,000 miles, flushing can be detrimental, instead drain and refill. If this does not resolve the problem, the transmission may need to be repaired internally.

What is causing the Volvo’s transmission to shudder while cruising and stick while changing gears?

If the transmission fluid is old/original or has never been changed on the car, it can cause the above symptoms. The Transmission Control Module (TCM) is responsible for monitoring fluid to compensate shift pressures and points based on the age of the fluid. If the fluid is replaced, the fluid counters and adaptive in the TCM need to be reset by a dealership. It would also be sensible to have the dealer check whether the TCM software is current. If the problem persists despite these actions, the valve body or transmission needs to be replaced.

Could a bad transmission cause the Volvo S80 to fail to move most gears?

Yes, usually Volvo transmissions last up to 75,000 miles. This could be an internal transmission problem and can be checked by removing the transmission dipstick and observing whether the fluid is black and smells burnt. Alternatively, it could also be the transmission pressure regulating solenoid which is replaced as a complete pack. They can act up or fail causing low fluid pressure through the transmission. This option is a more economical way of repairing the transmission, provided it is the sole issue.

Why does the Volvo move only after the engine is restarted?

Case Details: Once in gear it does not move forward or reverse but becomes fine briefly once restarted.

This could be transmission fluid contamination from transmission wear. Therefore, the fluid level and quality should be checked. If the level is low, the leak needs to be located and repaired. If particles or debris are present, the transmission may need to be replaced internally to remove the failing components and have them repaired.

Why is the transmission fluid on the Volvo appearing brown while the level in the reservoir is dropping?

Cross contamination has occurred here. The extent of contamination can be detected based on the clarity of the fluid. If the transmission fluid is fresh, coolant mixing with it makes it appear pink and frothy. If the fluid is dirty, contamination makes it darker and more opaque. If oily residue is floating atop the coolant and the transmission fluid has turned frothy and opaque, the problem could be that the cooler is rotting inside the radiator. Apart from this, if water has entered the transmission, you can inspect the dipstick to check if the oil is lighter and more opaque.

Why is the check engine light illuminating along with a flashing 'shift' indicator after the Volvo lurched and made a loud thud on acceleration?

Based on the description, it indicates a problem with the Volvo’s transmission. To confirm you need a Volvo dealer to use a specific scan tool and check for related codes. Most probably the transmission would need to be rebuilt with a used transmission or replaced with a new one.

As seen above, there are many telltale signs of a problematic transmission or possible malfunction of the components in the Volvo’s transmission system. Generally, in cars such as the Volvo, they are communicated through fault codes on the transmission module. Based on the codes and symptoms, there may be a need for inspection of transmission parts, their repair or tips on how to deal with the problems. Therefore, to get customized answers to specific Volvo transmission problems or to diagnose any specific issue, ask verified Experts. You can get online assistance from the comfort of your home, quickly and affordably. 

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