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Renault Transmission Troubleshooting

Why is the automatic transmission gear change being delayed? How is a transmission flush done? If transmission problems are not detected and corrected quickly the result is often expensive major repairs. Expert opinions can help you to understand the nature of your Renault transmission problem and the repair options. Here are a few questions that have been answered by verified mechanical Experts.

Why does a Renault Grand Scenic with automatic transmission slip out of gear with a jolt and then stick in 2nd or 3rd gear?

Case Details: The 'check gearbox' message is displayed and manual shifting does not work. The problem clears temporarily of the engine is switched off and restarted.

The only way to diagnose the fault with any certainty is to have a scan done to see the stored fault codes. However, the most likely cause of this problem is that the EVM solenoid valve in the distributor of the transmission is faulty. This can cause a loss of oil pressure in the transmission and the gearbox to lock in one gear or not to select any gear. A fault on the lines of “line pressure below the minimum level” will confirm this. Also, a recall was issued for some Grand Scenics because of a defect in the torque converter and oil cooler that could cause this problem. A Renault dealer will be able to confirm if it applies to this vehicle.

Why does a Renault Megan give a 'check gearbox' message but a scan shows only a front right wheel speed sensor fault?

Case Details: The automatic transmission only changes gear at very high engine RPMs.

The wheel speed sensor signals the speed of the vehicle to the transmission. If it is faulty the automatic transmission will not know when a gear change is required. The first thing to do is to check the wiring from the sensor for any damage. If no problem is found, the sensor should be checked for damage or an internal fault and if something is found the sensor will require replacement. This should fix the problem and cause the ‘check gearbox’ message to stop.

How can the level of the automatic transmission fluid be checked on a 2003 Renault Scenic diesel?

The dipstick that was used to check fluid levels on older models was done away with by 2003. The only way to check the transmission fluid level on this vehicle is by using diagnostic equipment. The reason for this is that the fluid temperature can be monitored while any topping up is being done. The equipment will be available at Renault dealers and many large workshops.

What could cause a transmission warning on a Renault Scenic 1.6 that is not detected by a scan tool?

Case Details: The vehicle is stuck in Limp Mode.

When the transmission fault light illuminates the vehicle will run only in Limp Mode  - 3rd gear. This is a safety measure. When a transmission fault occurs fault codes will be stored in the Transmission Control Module. Renaults use their own protocols for fault recording and readouts so special equipment that is compatible with this make will need to be used. It could be that the local shop did not have the right diagnostic equipment which is why no faults were shown.

What could be the reason for a Renault Kangoo with automatic transmission to stick in 3rd gear for a very long time before shifting to top gear?

There are a few reasons for this to happen. The first thing to do is to check the transmission fluid levels and top up, if required. The checking should be done with the gearbox warm and moving the selector through all the positions and leaving it for a few seconds in each one before returning to Park. If the fluid is not the issue, all the electrical connection to the transmission should be checked for damaged wiring and dirty or loose connectors. Connectors should be cleaned only with contact cleaner. If the problem remains, the selector lever linkage/cables under the vehicle should be checked for broken parts or missing bolts. 

Why does a 1993 Renault Trafic with a 1.7L engine with 56,000 miles start to vibrate and shake at around 40 MPH?

Case Details: The shaking is so much that it is difficult to hold the gear stick.

The two common causes for this to happen are a collapsing drive shaft or perished engine and/or transmission mountings. If the problem is with the drive shaft there will normally be a loud clanking sound when the vehicle is in a turn. If there is no sound, the engine and transmission mounts will need to be checked. To do this a strong lengthy lever should be inserted between the  engine and transmission and the sub frame. Force should be applied to the lever to try and lift the transmission away from the sub frame. If the mounts are in good condition there should be no movement. If the transmission shifts with the force applied, it indicates the mounts are worn and need changing.

Is it true that using nonstandard oil can ease the excessively hard manual gear change on a 1997 Renault Grand Scenic?

The stiffness and difficulty in changing gears typically happens when the selector rings in the transmission go out of shape, even to a very small extent. While the use of nonstandard transmission oil can, in some cases, reduce the stiffness in the gear change, it is not a recommended course of action. Having the gearbox checked by a transmission specialist is the better option.

Finding the right way to deal with Renault transmission problems is not easy. Conflicting opinions and solutions can leave you confused. The insights of verified mechanical Experts online can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right repair choices. 

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