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Jaguar Transmission Problems

Do you have trouble with the Jaguar transmission? Do you need help deciphering warning codes regarding the transmission? Do you need troubleshooting tips to solve transmission problems? Jaguar transmissions, like any type, can have problems eventually. Given below are some of the frequently answered questions pertaining to Jaguar Transmission problems.

Where is the automatic transmission fluid dip stick in a Jaguar 2005 model S type car?

There is no dipstick, in order to check the fluid, this has to be heated to about 30 to 50 degrees Centigrade by keeping the engine running. The 8 mm Allen fill plug located on the passenger side and at the rear of the transmission case needs to be removed. If there is an outward flow, it indicates that the fluid level is alright. Fluid may be added if the level is low.

When removing a Jaguar XJ8 (308) transmission, is the starter motor removed?

The starter motor need not be removed unless it comes in the way of removing the transmission.

What could cause a 'transmission fault' light to come on for the first time on a 1999 XJ8 Jaguar resulting in the car accelerating in a sporadic jerky movement but did not accelerate?

This usually happens due to a failure of the transmission, which results in a burnt forward drum/clutch. The engine noisily falls into gear when it accelerates following a stop. If a P1722 fault code is displayed, it indicates that the transmission will need to be rebuilt or replaced which may cost between $3500 to $7500. An AutoZone or Pepboys outlet usually helps diagnose the problem free of charge. But if the fault code is stored in the ECM, this can be diagnosed with a generic scan tool as the problem could also be due to a fault in the electronic throttle or brake switch.

How to reprogram the ECU after the transmission on a 2003 Jaguar S type 3.0 was replaced?

Since the TCM is located within the transmission, this will need re-configuration with the help of a Jaguar factory tool which a local Jaguar dealer will have.

Could a loose gas cap cause a “Transmission Fault” error to appear on an X-type Jaguar and only high gear is available after being driven?

The car limits itself to the fourth gear whenever a fault is detected. A fault code which is stored in the ECM will need to be diagnosed with a Jaguar diagnostic tool. An OBD II scan tool which is available at a local or Jaguar dealer can be used first to find what the problem is, since the problem could be something other than the transmission. This kind of problem could also be the result of a low fluid level.

Can the transmission fluid in a Jaguar 2007 Van den Plas be replaced with a Castrol import multi-vehicle fluid, Ford Motorcraft product or a Quaker product?

Jaguar usually recommends a Shell M1375.4 transmission fluid only. However, Castrol’s Import Multi-Vehicle ATF or Pentosin ATF1 fluid may also be used, which can be purchased at a local dealer’s store, but these fluids should not be mixed and used.

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