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Chrysler Transmission Problems

What is automobile transmission?

The transmission is essentially the mechanism of gear changing or gear shifting system which channelizes the engine power to the wheels. The presence and option for gear changing is to maintain the engine power and supply maximum power to the wheels continuously. It also ensures this occurs at all conditions and from startup to high speeds.

Chrysler transmission is similar to the automobile transmission described above. However there may be variances in function and operation based on the engine and use of the car. To know more about Chrysler transmission problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How much does it cost to replace a Chrysler transmission valve body?

The labor hours involved in a Chrysler transmission valve body replacement is approximately 2 hours. This can be multiplied into the hourly rates of the shop to arrive at the estimated cost of labor. The cost of the actual valve body can be around $400 if it is original (purchased from Chrysler). There may be other miscellaneous, additional charges such as a new filter for the Chrysler transmission and taxes. Consequently, the average the cost can go up to approximately $800.

Where can the transmission fluid be measured on a Chrysler Crossfire 2005 edition?

It should be noted that there are no “pull-out measuring bars” or instruments which come with the Chrysler Crossfire. In order to check the Chrysler transmission fluid level, a special tool is required. This is more of a specialty which may not be easily available to buy or rent from a store. It may be necessary to find a garage which has the tool.

How can the Chrysler transmission fluid be checked on a Chrysler 300?

In order to check the Chrysler transmission fluid level, the transmission dipstick can be used (a picture is provided in the answer to the previous question). The dipstick is labeled in millimeters and does not have a “full” or “add” mark. Hence to check the fluid level, the engine should be run till it is warm and using a scan tool, the actual transmission temperatures that the Chrysler transmission module is experiencing should be read. Next this temperature should be used to crosscheck on the chart, the correct fluid level at that temperature. This is necessary since fluid levels change dramatically based on the fluid temperature. If the fluid is excessive when cold, once it gets hot, the level rises enough where the fluid touches the spinning gear-train components and foams the fluid. This can cause Chrysler transmission failure because the foaming fluid causes the clutch to slip. In case the transmission is not leaking, it can be considered full unless some work has been carried out and fluid level is questionable. In case of doubts, transmission shops or dealers can check the fluid level.

What does P0700 transmission control mean?

P0700 is an information code provided by the Transaxle Control Module (TCM) and is not part of the problem. The TCM is responsible to monitor the function of sensor and actuators and their potential malfunction relating to the transaxle control. If a discrepancy is discovered, the TCM informs the engine computer (PCM) through the P0700 code. Since this is an information code for TCM malfunction or failure, what needs to be done is further investigation for transaxle codes. In other words, the TCM needs to be checked for a transaxle DTC. This Chrysler transmission part will not cause the check engine light to illuminate as the PCM is assigned to do so, once a diagnostic scanner is used.

Why does the Chrysler transmission jump to first and second gear once the car has halted

This problem could be related to two codes as provided below:
1. P1775 – Solenoid Switch valve latched in TCC position
2. P1776 - Solenoid Switch valve latched in LR position

These codes are consistent with a need to replace the solenoid pack at the top of the valve body. Hence the solenoid pack replacement should be carried out along with servicing of the Chrysler transmission. Once the solenoid replacement is through once should ensure to perform a quick-learn using a scan tool.

Chrysler transmission problems are usually communicated through fault codes on the Chrysler transmission controller or when faced with issues while driving. In case of fault codes, the first step would be to use a Chrysler specific scan tool to know the diagnostic trouble codes. In order to diagnose the specific Chrysler transmission problem you are facing, Experts could provide more information on Chrysler transmission repair. Their opinions can assist in taking the right or informed decision regarding any Chrysler transmission problem.
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