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Transformer Problems

A transformer is a power converter which transfers energy between two electrical circuits through inductive coupling between two or more windings. It is a static, solid, electrical device which converts alternating current (AC) from one voltage to another. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts on transformer problems.

Where can I get a 300 W, 12 volt transformer which was burnt out and needs replaced?

The exact model of the transformer is not available currently. However you could opt for any 12 volt 300W transformer and it can be used in line with your existing Hampton Bay fixtures. It should be noted that transformer costs have increased over a period of time due to the prices of copper and other raw materials increasing. A 300W transformer is quite large and could cost over $100. The more the wattage you require, the more it costs.

Where can I find a replacement transformer for my water softener?

Most probably the transformer could be discontinued. What you could try is note the specifications of your old transformer and approach home improvement stores within in your area to find something which offers similar specifications. You could check on the internet as well for parts on sale. The main thing you require is primary voltage, the secondary voltage and the amperage that it handles.

The transformer fan on my microwave operates constantly when the door is closed but not while cooking. The light is also on constantly. Is this a faulty switch?

This is most likely a switch issue where one of the switches on the bracket has failed. You will need to test each one using a multimeter. Another option in case you don’t have a meter would be to replace all the switches since they are quite inexpensive. Appliance stores should stock the switches you need. An important point to be noted is the microwave can contain dangerous levels of voltage even when unplugged. Hence you need to be very careful while working with it or have a professional inspect it.

My oven is not starting and has no display. The transformer resistance on primary terminals is 2 OHMS. What are the steps in troubleshooting a transformer?

Normally the primary winding on the transformer should be 40 to 18 OHMS. The secondary winding on the transformer should be 40 to 45 OHMS. The voltage should be 120 volts on primary and 20 volts on secondary. If all this checks out fine or within the ranges prescribed, the issue could be with the main control board. This control board is located at the inside top portion of the oven and will need to be replaced for the oven to work. Below is a link to the information on the required part.

Which parts of a refrigerator could be affected due to a power surge from a blown transformer?

Electronics are the components which can get easily damaged due to power surges. The first thing would be to check the electronics of your refrigerator. Next things to check would be components with solenoids such as water valve or winding similar to small fan motors. Compressors or relays will not get damaged easily with such surges or transformer bursts.

Transformers are usually a part of an appliance or the main electric supply system. These systems could contain other components which when affected can influence the functioning of the appliances. To determine the issue lies with the transformer can be tricky and complicated to an untrained eye. Moreover dealing with these components inside gadgets such as microwaves requires care and caution. To get a fair idea about the problem you are facing and in order to pinpoint the issue, Experts help, information and guidance will prove very useful.
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