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Job Transfer Laws

What is a job transfer?

A job transfer is when an employer requests or demands an employee to relocate for business reasons or for company policy issues. These issues could be anything from relocation to take a position within the company, family working together to even a couple dating working in the same place. Job transfers happen in everyday business and are at times unavoidable. Knowing what to do if a situation arises at work dealing with a job transfer is in your best interest. The Experts offer fast and affordable answers for your job transfer questions. Below are the top five job transfer questions.

What can a person do if a they are given the choice of a job transfer and being laid-off, is it possible to decline the transfer and take the lay off because of the inability to move?

The employer doesn’t have to give a person the option of backing out of a previous agreement regardless of any situation. If the employer feels that it will affect the company then they may terminate the employment relationship. As well, the employee many not be eligible for unemployment benefits if they have declined the job transfer offer and chose to take the layoff.

If it’s not in the company policy can a person be transferred to a place with lower pay stating that the move was made because family cannot work together in the state of Texas?

In the state of Texas the employer has the right to fire, demote or even relocate an employee for any reason regardless of any situation as long as it’s stated in a contract. Many times employers have rules and regulations regarding family working together in the same company.

If an employee refuses to transfer to another location does it give the employer means to terminate the employee?

If a person is an “at will employee” and they refuse to transfer the employer may terminate the employee unless the employer stated that the position would not require the employee to relocate in a written contract.

Can a transfer compensation package to be reduced within 3 months after the transfer has been made without an agreement?

If a company reduces compensation package and was not under any written contract then in most situations, the company can reduce the benefits but if the employer is under a contract and they reduce the transfer package they the employee will have a breach of contract case.

If a employer made a work agreement saying if the transfer job was not a good fit then they would transfer the individual back and then didn’t would the employee have a case in the state of Kansas?

If an employer made a contract saying that they would transfer an employee back to the original job then in this case there would be a breach of contract case, if the employer didn't make a contract then there would be no case unless the employee can prove that a written deal like this was made.

A job transfer is for companies to move an employee from one spot to another, many times within the same company or sister companies. Sometimes they come without warning and sometimes they come with benefits. There are many reasons why an employer may request a job transfer, if you are facing a job transfer have any transfer law questions you can contact the Experts for answers that you can trust.
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