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Dog Behavior Training

What is Dog Behavior Training?

Dog behavior training is the basic education for a dog. This education that the dog receives covers how the dog can avoid aggression dilemmas, how the dog should play with other dogs and humans. Dog behavior is normally taught by consequence if the task is not done properly or by the learning process where the owner shows the dog the task over and over. The main reason for a dog owner to give their dog behavior training is so that the dog can learn how to live with no stress while living with their human. Read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding dog behavior training.

How can I stop my dog from being territorial?

This can become a very serious behavior, and something that could even become worse with time. You may want to take control of this issue very soon. This can take a long time to fix the dogs territorial problem, the first thing that you can do is to correct your dog when the wrong behavior is being shown; even the slightest inappropriateness such as your dog showing its teeth, growling, or fiercely barking. You may try growling back or a mean loud noise instead of saying “no” loudly and even a loud clapping noise. When you dog stops the behavior every time you this is the time for praise such as with some sort of treat. Your dog seems to be under the impression that you are not the alpha dog in the pack and your dog is trying to take that spot. You may need to show your dog that you are the alpha in the house. You can do this by making the dogs dinner after you have eaten; try to not allow the dog on the couch or the bed. The reason for this is being that when the dog is on the couch or bed the dog thinks that you are below the dog on what is called the totem pole. Another thing that can insure your status in the family is not allowing your dog to enter through a doorway before you do.

Why does my dog lick everything?

There are a lot of different speculations of why a dog licks items and even their selves. This behavior can be an obsessive compulsive disorder, or a displacement behavior, but in most cases it is been known to be linked with anxiety. In cases that are very difficult there are several options that are discussed with the owner of the dog. Some owners try a trainer for behavior modification, clicker training which can be done in the comfort of the home, behavior training by a professional, or in some severe circumstances medications can be prescribed to help with the issue.

What causes a young dog to chew up bedding, small plants, and siding on a house?

With this dog being young there is a great possibility that the dog could outgrow this destructive behavior, but there is a chance that the dog may not outgrow the chewing. There are some very durable dog toys that you may try; these are made out of strong duty rubber. It is very essential that the dog has the right toy to chew on. The dog chewing on bedding can be a major heath concern, if the dog eats too much of the bedding the dog may become intestines may develop a blockage. To try and control this behavior you may want to enroll the dog is a behavioral training class. This can make the dog feel as it has a job and make the dog more stable. You may even need to take the dog to a behavioral specialist that can help you setup a plan to get this issue taken care of even if it means prescribing the dog medications.

Why is my dog scared to be walked all of a sudden?

It is very possibly that when you and your dog were on a walk something happened that may have scared the dog into thinking that only bad things will take place while on a walk. This is most likely something that you did not see or hear; this could also be joint pain. If it is not a type of pain then you may have to start over on training your dog to go outside again; when you do start the training your dog to present a certain behavior, you want to push the dog as far as the dog can go with no failure. This can be the point where you may praise the dog. Once you have done this you may try adding to the behavior but you may want to do this very slowly.

When a dog starts acting out many owners think that this is just part of the dog growing up just acting like a young dog. However this may actually be a behavior that may need training by the owner or a specialist. A specialist can help you with dog behavior training tips and many other things. For more information regarding dog behavior training you can ask the thousands of Experts.
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