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Dog Training Behavior Problems

Dog behavior problems affect all sizes and shapes of dogs, and can bring many headaches. However, there is help out there, and basic training theories, along with patience and persistence can make all the difference in making a person’s pet part of the family, instead of the outcast. Bad behavior can be caused by a number of factors, but the vast majority of these factors can be treated, and usually defeated. Below some of the most commonly asked questions about Dog Training Behavior Problems are answered by Experts.

What can be done to stop a dog from showing aggressive behavior towards other dogs and even children?

In some cases a specialist should be consulted, and in this case possibly a veterinary behaviorist could be the proper one to recommend. Until then some basic training techniques can be implied. The first and possibly most important is to tell the dog “look at me” while holding a treat between the owners eyes and the animals, when the dog looks for a second or two reward it with praise and give the treat to the dog and be sure to offer praise. This will teach it to concentrate on the owner when anxious instead of the source of the anxiety either it being other animals, or children.

What can be done to stop aggressive behavior in a one year old dog?

Typically aggressive behavior is one of the main problems that pet owners face in animals, and it can be set off by a number of actions such as: lack of exercise, puberty, and anxiety to name a few. Adding to the daily exercise routine can help the dog work off any frustrations that could be bothering them. Also, neutering could help with any testosterone related problems. Also walking with a leash can establish the dominance needed in order for the dog’s owner to take control and make a happy and healthy pack.

What can be done in order to stop a person’s dog from playing with their feet, and then running away like it is a game?

Most generally this behavior could be associated with a game, and the best way to stop the inappropriate behavior is to remove the dog from the game by putting it in its crate, or another room quietly and quickly immediately after the behavior happens, if the animal runs away swiftly then a leash can be implied (even in the house) in order to make it easier to catch the animal. Also, ignoring the animal and showing it no attention when attacking the feet, can cause boredom, and make the “game” less fun.

What can be done for a dog that medically passes all the tests that have been performed, yet has a problem with urinating while walking around the house mainly when guests are present?

Typically, if this is a problem with the dog’s behavior then a drug called phenylpropanolamine could help it control its urethral muscles, making it harder to urinate. However, if this is a constant problem then Prozac or fluoxetine could be the key to calming the animal down around other people, and making life better for all involved.

What can be done to stop an eight month old dog from barking excessively?

Most generally excessive barking can be caused by a number of factors such as: separation anxieties, the need for attention, environmental factors, hormonal disorders, and infection, can all play a part just to mention a few. Treatment can involve several methods and theories. One way is to ignore the animal completely, therefore denying it the attention it is used to receiving. Punishment such as bark activated collars, some causing shock, others spraying citronella, can sometimes be effective. Other methods include training the dog to sit quietly with a hand signal or vocal command, this requires patience and consistency but can be done in time using treats for good behavior and providing disruptions in order to gain attention when the dog disobeys an order, such as a plastic bottle full of coins or rocks, a water spray bottle, compressed air, or even an air horn, in order to get the pets attention yet not make the dog scared of the person training it.

Dog training behavior problems can be caused by a number of issues, but the most common are: separation anxiety, miscommunications, and even health issues just to mention a few. The best way to stop improper behavior is to catch the problem early and fix it quickly in order to stop any further problems. This early learning from right and wrong applies universally to almost all breeds, and can even be used on humans. When the subject of dog training behavior problems arises questions inevitably follow, and who better to inquire into these questions than the Experts.
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