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Traffic Violation Code

Traffic codes may differ in different parts of the United States. They cover a wide range of violations and most of the times information about these codes may not be easily available. At such times, individuals may not know where to look for to get more information about them. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions about the different traffic codes.

What does VC and INF stand for in a speeding ticket with the code 22349(A) VC-INF?

In the code 22349(A) VC-INF, VC may stand for California Vehicle Code and INF may mean infraction. This means that the speeding offense committed by the individual is just an infraction and not a misdemeanor. The individual may usually have to pay a fine of $249 if they were cited for this statute.

For what violation would an individual be given a ticket with the statute no 39:4-67 in New Jersey?

An individual may be given a ticket with the statute number 39:4-67 for obstruction of traffic. This offense may appear on the individual’s driving record but no points may be added to his/her license.

Can an individual appeal the Georgia traffic violation code 40-6-241 if they accidently released the brakes of their vehicle while attending to a baby in the car resulting in an accident?

It may not be possible for an individual to appeal a traffic ticket for an accident by stating that they were attending to a baby in the car. However, if there were no injuries in the accident, they may go to court on the day of the hearing and appeal to the court for a reduction in fine. Whether the fine is reduced or not would completely be the court’s decision.

Would any points be added to an individual’s license if an individual got a traffic ticket with the violation code 1 VC-21655.5B-I on it?

A traffic ticket with the code 1 VC-21655.5B-I on it may add one point on the individual’s license. If he/she wants to avoid the point, he/she may have to go to court and appeal to the court to permit him/her to take traffic school.

How many points would be added to an individual’s commercial driving license if he/she got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt in his/her personal car in California?

No points would be added to an individual’s driving license if he/she got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt in California. This ticket may appear on the individual’s DMV record. The individual may however, have to inform his/her employee about the ticket.

How would an individual’s New Jersey license get affected if he/she got an out of state speeding ticket with the 46.2.870 traffic code on it?

Two points may get added onto an individual’s New Jersey license if he/she got an out of state speeding ticket. In some situations, the individual may be allowed to take up driving school in the state where he/she got the ticket to reduce the points from the license.

Traffic codes may be very complicated to understand at times. There are so many violation codes that it may be difficult for you to find out which code is for which particular violation. In such situations, you may ask an Expert for help in understanding the different traffic codes and their meanings.
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