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Did you receive a ticket with the wrong information written on it? Or need to know if you have legal rights against the traffic department? The traffic department maintains records pertaining to traffic citations, collects payments, and sets court dates on tickets. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities, and a verified legal Expert can assist you in this area.

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If the traffic department seizes an individual’s car for unpaid parking tickets, is the owneer entitled to any compensation from the sale?

If a person has unpaid tickets and his or her car is seized and auctioned off, the individual may be entitled to reimbursement for any amount received over the amount of fines and penalties owed, plus the cost of auction. If the car was not sold for more than what was owed in fines, fees or penalties, and the cost of auction, then the individual would not be entitled to any compensation.

Does an individual have to pay a ticket if the information on the ticket is incorrect?

When an individual is issued a ticket, he or she must comply regardless of incorrect information, but the ticket can be contested. The individual will need to contact the local courthouse, traffic division and speak to a clerk, and let the clerk know that the ticket will be contested. The individual will then need to appear before a judge and state the reasons for his or her contest. The clerk of the traffic department can advise as to the proper steps to take in order to get a court date, if one has not already been set. If the judge determines that the individual is wrong and that the information on the ticket is correct, and orders the individual to pay the fine, and the individual disagrees, then he or she will need to consult an attorney to file an appeal.

What could a certified letter from the local traffic department be (without the receipient accepting/opening it)?

This could mean the individual is a part of or the target of an investigation. This could also mean that the individual has outstanding traffic or parking tickets, and the local department is sending out a warning letter.

Can an individual sue the traffic department for police not showing up for a 911 call regarding a domestic violence dispute?

An individual cannot sue the traffic department unless it can be demonstrated that the police intentionally did not respond to the 911 call.

Would appearing in court and asking for discovery for evidence of correct address get a ticket issued by traffic department dismissed?

Case Details: Individual was pulled over, summoned to traffic court and the officer wrote wrong address on ticket.

If the wrong address is the individual’s home address, it is no consequence and would not be grounds for having the ticket dismissed. However, if the address is for the courthouse and it is wrong, this would be grounds for dismissal as the individual was not properly notified of where to appear on the hearing date.

Individuals are issued tickets daily for various offenses. Consulting with an attorney can be quite expensive, and the next best option is to consult with an online Expert who can give you quality, reliable information. Experts can provide you with this. Verified legal Experts are available online at your convenience to answer all your questions from the comfort of your own home.

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