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Traffic Accident Related Questions

Have you been in a traffic accident that involved another vehicle? Do you need to know if it is best to plead “no contest” or “not guilty?” If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident, you may have many questions regarding your rights and responsibilities.

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If a person is involved in a traffic accident, has no insurance and no license, who will be responsible for the cost of repairs?

The driver that caused the accident will be responsible. A claim will need to be made against the “at fault” driver’s insurance company.

In Ohio, should a person cited for a traffic accident plead no contest or pleading not guilty and possibly winning the case?

The only plea that will not end up in a conviction is “not guilty.” A plea of no contest results in a conviction as much as a guilty plea. The only advantage of a no contest plea is that it can’t be used against a person in civil court as admission against the individual’s self. If the individual is guilty of the offense and no other vehicles were involved in the accident the case could end up in a civil court, a no contest plea is better than a plea of guilty, but an acquittal or dismissal is best. A lawyer should be consulted to find out whether or not there is a chance of winning the case if fought.

If a person is involved in a traffic accident, what is the purpose of the citation?

The sole purpose of the citation is to generate revenue for the local municipality and state, and to let the person receiving the citation know that he or she violated a law.

In Florida, will the victim of a traffic accident be entitled to additional monies due to work time lost, pain and suffering, and rehab expenses?

In most cases the victim is entitled to compensation for damages. This includes damages foreseeably resulting from the “at fault” driver’s negligence. It can include time lost from work, reasonable medical expenses, and pain and suffering. The victim may recover damages regardless of whether it is short term or chronic injury, once the damages are proven. Pain is invisible and can be difficult to prove.

In Georgia, what is the definition of a traffic accident?

A traffic accident is described as a collision with another vehicle, person or object.

In a traffic accident involving a police officer, is it a conflict of interest for the corresponding local police department to investigate the accident?

If there is a serious injury or death, it is commonplace for a neighboring law enforcement agency, or state agency to investigate an officer involved traffic collision, but in routine collisions, they are typically investigated by the local department. A person can argue a conflict of interest in the event a lawsuit arises out of the accident, or if the individual was cited with a violation and fight the ticket. The investigating officer’s conclusion as to the fault of the accident while appearing on the traffic collision report is not allowed as evidence in court. Only the collected facts of the accident are, so the issue of conflict is much less important.

In Pennsylvania, do traffic accidents count toward points on a person’s driver license?

If there was an accident, and no one was charged, then there will be no points against the individual’s license. A person has to receive a traffic ticket for the accident in order for points to be taken off.

In Tennessee, can the police come on personal property of the person allegedly “at fault” in an accident, to take a police report and verify information?

The police have the right to follow up on all accident investigations in most cases, whether an injury occurs or not. Police departments set internal department policies to not investigate if the property damage is less than a certain dollar amount, but that is not a law, rather department policy. The police have the right to question and to file criminal charges forcing the person to court to answer the charges.

Being involved in a traffic accident can be a frightening experience. Even if there are no injuries, property damage and citations, may be the result. It is important to know your legal rights. Consulting with a legal Expert can be the best options for fast, accurate answers. Verified online legal Experts can ease your fears, direct your path, and are readily available to assist you.

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