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Toxic Foods for Dogs

There are many things that a dog should not eat, several of these things that are also considered to be toxic food for dogs. Besides the obvious poisons, there are foods that humans are able to eat that are toxic food for dogs. What foods are toxic for dogs? Some of the answers may surprise people. Below are some questions about toxic foods for dogs that have been answered by the Experts.

Is sucralose or maltodextrin considered to be a toxic food for dogs?

Sucralose and maltodextrin are not considered to be toxic food for dogs. There are many treats for dogs that have the artificial sweetener maltodextrin in them. However there is one artificial sweetener that is extremely toxic to dogs, and is most often found in gum that is sugar free, this artificial sweetener is xylitol.

Would a plum be considered to be one of the toxic foods for dogs?

Plums are one of many fruits that are considered to be toxic food for dogs. Grapes and prunes are other fruits that are found in this category. The reason these fruits are considered toxic food for dogs are because the pits in the fruits. The pits of these fruits contain cyanide, and if a dog chews on the pits, the cyanide is released in to the dog’s system. Cyanide is a known poison, so it makes sense that these fruits that have these pits would be considered to be a toxic food for dogs, because a dog is not going to be able to tell if the fruit has the pit in it or not.

Is the artificial sweetener Stevia a toxic food for dogs?

The artificial sweetener Stevia, while not considered to be a toxic food for dogs, can cause a dog to have osmotic diarrhea. Osmotic diarrhea is diarrhea that is caused by an agent, such a Stevia, pulling water in to the stool in the lumen of the colon. This makes the stool more liquid. While Stevia has this effect on dogs, there are other artificial sweeteners that are toxic food for dogs. The sweetener xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs so any food that contains it would be a toxic food for dogs. The best way to avoid this sweetener is to not feed the dog or allow access to table scraps or human food.

Would soup with leeks in it be considered to be a toxic food for dogs?

Onions and leeks are toxic food for dogs, but the quantity that would have to be ingested by the dog would have to large quantity. The amount that would be considered toxic would be dependent upon the dogs weight, a dog that weighed 15 pounds would have to ingest one pound of onions. So, if a dog were to eat some soup that leeks as an ingredient, it would more than likely not have enough leeks or onions to be considered a toxic food for dogs. That being said treatment would most often be monitoring the dog, and not inducing vomiting.

Several human foods are toxic foods for dogs. The artificial sweetener xylitol is toxic to dogs, while other artificial sweeteners are not. Fruits that have pits are also toxic for dogs, the fruit itself is not toxic but the pits contain cyanide a known poison. For the cyanide to be released the pit must be chewed and the pit scraped and or opened. Onions and leeks are also toxic to dogs, but only in large quantities. Any questions regarding toxic foods for dogs can be asked of the Experts.
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