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Questions about Tourette Syndrome

What is tourette syndrome

Tourette syndrome is known as a nervous system disorder that often begins during an individual’s childhood. However, tourette syndrome may include abnormal repetitive movements or sounds that may not be able to be controlled. These unwanted movements and sounds are referred to as tics. However, when an individual constantly blinks their eyes, move their shoulders or head, or even yell out offensive words, this may be known as tourette syndrome. When an individual experiences unwanted movements or tics, many individuals may wonder if this is tourette syndrome. Read below to find many commonly asked questions regarding tourette syndrome that has been answered by Experts.

What are tourette syndrome symptoms?

Often the common symptoms of tourette syndrome may be referred to as sudden or fast movements and sounds. Often, these symptoms may vary from person to person and may become mild or severe. Severe symptoms of tourette syndrome may often affect a person’s ability to communicate and live a normal life. These symptoms may be referred to as tics, and tics may come in two different classifications; simple tics and complex tics. Simple tics may often just include fast and sudden movements and sound that limit the amount of muscle groups where as complex tics are different, synchronized patters of movements and sounds that include many muscle groups.

What are the tourette syndrome causes?

In some cases the exact reason for tourette syndrome may still be unknown, and many individuals are not aware on how to prevent this syndrome. However there are some theories about this syndrome, these include:

• Genetic this may be where the individual has inherited this syndrome from a family member.
• Brain abnormalities which may be were certain chemicals that are located in the brain send out nerve impulses known as neurotransmitters as well as dopamine and serotonin.

Is there a connection between tourette syndrome and schizophrenia, and can an individual be at risk of schizophrenia if a relative has it?

In some situations tourettes syndrome may often be connected with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as some believe tourette syndrome is connected with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as well. However, genetics may often be common in both diseases, however when an individual has tourettes syndrome this does not always mean that the individual will develop schizophrenia.

Where can an individual get deep stem brain stimulation and how much would this cost for an individual with severe tourette syndrome?

In some situations, deep brain stimulation is known as a surgical procedure that is done in order to help control symptoms of tremors, and slow movements as well as currently approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) for some diseases such as Parkinson’s, Essential tremor and Dystonia. However there have been some cases where deep brain stimulation has helped control some symptoms of tourette syndrome, however this treatment is still experimental.

Tourette syndrome may be a scary and very frustrating condition for many individuals. The symptoms, tics, and even stares may become overwhelming. However, there are some treatments and medications that may help an individual to control their symptoms and tics. For more information about the treatments, side effects, and symptoms of tourettes syndrome, individuals may contact an Expert.
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