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Torbutrol For Dogs Questions

Is your dog in need of a narcotic that provides relief from a non-productive cough? Is your dog prescribed Torbutrol and you would like information about side effects or contraindications? Torbutrol is prescribed to dogs that have a chronic cough. If you are in need of additional information about Torbutrol for dogs, read below for questions answered by verified Experts.

What is Torbutrol used for in dogs?

Torbutrol is a narcotic pain reliever and antitussive used for dogs as a relief from chronic nonproductive cough. Typically, it is associated in the treatment of tracheobronchitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and pharyngitis.

What are side effects of Torbutrol in dogs?

Torbutrol side effects in dogs that are the most common are associated with walking and sedation. There can be a respiratory reaction with this drug but that is only typically seen if there is an allergic reaction to it. If this happens there may be a difficulty in breathing or it could compromise an already present breathing issue. Older dogs or dogs with other health problems may have other issues with this drug so it should be used with caution. Torbutrol for dogs is similar to morphine used in humans. A dog will get sleepy and have problems walking much like if it were drunk. The calming factor of the drug can make an excited dog settle down.

Would significant itching be caused by Torbutrol and should the medication be stopped?

When a dog has an allergic reaction to butorphanol (Torbutrol) it may cause the skin to itch. If the drug is stopped the itching should resolve within a few days. Stopping this drug would mean the dog is not getting the medication that was prescribed for a specific reason. It is recommended to check with your vet for an alternative medication.

What dosage of Torbutrol elixir would be ok for an 85lb lab to control pain after receiving stitches from a dog bite?

In most cases the veterinarian that performs the surgery would provide enough analgesia to make the dog comfortable after the surgery. Drugs should only be used for the dog that it is prescribed for. If the Torbutrol was prescribed for the dog the dosing information should be found on the label of the prescription. Typically, the dosage for Torbutrol is .5-1 milligram per kilo gram of body weight. In an 85 pound dog the dosage of Torbutrol would be 19-38mg. However the amount given will also be based on the concentration of the Torbutrol. Speaking with the prescribing vet is recommended for precise dosage with regards to your dog.

Is there a less expensive drug that can be substituted for Torbutrol?

Some drugs may be used as an alternative to Torbutrol such as the human medication Stadol or the generic of Torbutrol which is butorphanol. These are typically cheaper. A pharmacy should be able to tell you the price of the generic form. A veterinarian can also be asked if cough suppressants could be used but Torbutrol has a specific reason for being used and the veterinarian should be contacted before any alternative is used.

What is recommended for a dog that contracted a bad cough after taking Torbutrol?

There are upper respiratory illnesses that dogs can contract such as kennel cough or canine influenza that may cause a bad cough. Heart conditions including heartworms can also cause a dog to have a cough. If your dog has recently been boarded or kenneled or has been around a larger number of dogs it is possible that kennel cough is present.  Torbutrol is an antitussive narcotic that is used like a cough suppressant. To help breathing become easier a non-medicated humidifier can be used where the dog resides. As an alternative a steamed up bathroom could be used. The cough may also be controlled by using a cough suppressant such as Robitussin DM but should be first approved by your veterinarian.

Torbutrol can be an effective narcotic if used properly. Dog owners may find they are in need of additional information when their dog is prescribed this drug. Questions about Torbutrol complications or drug interactions may arise before, during, or after your dog has used this medication. Verified Experts are readily available to assist you with all your concerns regarding Torbutrol for your dog.

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