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Topiramate Medication

Topiramate is an anticonvulsant that treats certain seizures that affect people with epilepsy. This medication may also work in combination with other medications to controls seizures that affect people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Topiramate may be used by people who currently take anti seizure medications but continue to have seizures. Topiramate is also known to curb cravings such as food and alcohol. To learn more about this medication, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

Is there any difference in Topamax and Topiramate?

Topamax and Topiramate is the same drug only one is the generic name and the other is a brand name. Basically the only difference between the two medications may be the fillers used to form the pill. In most cases a person doesn't notice a difference between the two medications. However once in a while someone may notice.

The company who makes Topamax generally has a program a person can sign up for if the cost of the medication is an issue. In many cases over half or the entire cost of the medication is covered through the companies program.

Why is Topiramate used to reduce alcohol cravings?

Anticonvulsants such as Topiramate block the release of dopamine which has been proven to stem alcohol cravings. In controlled studies, this anticonvulsant has been tested the most. However, gabapentin and valproate have also been considered helpful but in much smaller studies.

Topiramate given to patients with an alcohol dependency showed to be 26% more effective than patients given a placebo. Furthermore this medication reduced the amount and frequency in which the alcohol dependant patients wanted. These studies were performed on patients who were in the early or late stages of alcoholism. Large doses of this medication showed an increase in side effects such as dizziness, ataxia, and lack of concentration, confusion, difficulty speaking, fatigue, and vomiting. This was noticed at 25-300mg per day.

? Other than weight loss what other side affects does Toiramate cause?

Topamax (which is the brand name for Topiramate) is commonly used to treat partial seizures and severe convulsions such as grand mal seizures. This medication has several side effects and one of the side effects is a loss of appetite. When a person isn't hungry they tend to lose weight.

Additional side effects of Topiramate may include: stomach pain, unsteady coordination, vision issues, anxiety, loss of appetite, pain in the back, breast and chest, disorientation, depression, constipation, and memory fogginess. Flu like symptoms such as body aches, mood swings and menstrual issues, tremors, and speech trouble.

Due to all of the possible side effects, it is important that a person inform their doctor of all symptoms that occur. The majority of side effects may go away within 8 weeks of treatment. However if the person experiences several of the side effects, the person's doctor may have to determine the benefit of the medication versus the side effects.

What is the maximum amount of Topiramate that someone can take for weight reduction for a sustained period?

Topiramate is generally never exceeded over 400mg per day. Alli is a very popular drug that blocks the absorption of fat. This product may be purchased over the counter and is effective in weight loss. This drug is also safer and may be taken for extended periods of time. If a person is using Topiramate and not seeing results with weight loss, then Alli may be the better option for weight loss.

Can someone lose weight while taking nuvigil and Topiramate?

Nuvigil and Topiramate are both known to decrease the appetite and cause weight loss. However the Topiramate appeared to perform better in studies. As long as the combination of medication helps a person maintain weight management until the ideal weight is reached, there generally isn't an issue. However if the person continues to lose weight after reaching the ideal body weight, a consultation with a doctor may be required.

When a person begins having seizures, or is prescribed Topiramate many medical and personal questions arise. Many people worry about side effects of prescription and over the counter drugs. If a person has questions or concerns regarding the person should ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions.
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