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Toaster Problems

What is a toaster?

A toaster is generally a small electric kitchen appliance which is designed to toast multiple varieties of bread products. A toaster usually has a minimum of two slots with heating elements in them where the bread is placed. A typical modern day toaster requires 600 to 1200 watts of voltage to function and prepare the toasts within one to three minutes. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on toaster problems.

How do I remove melted plastic from a toaster oven rack?

There is no fixed away to remove melted plastic on toaster oven racks. You could try heating the oven once again and use oven mitts to hold the rack down while you try to peal the plastic off using a wet paper towel or tongs. However it would be more sensible to replace the toaster rack in order for it to look and operate as before.

A Euro-pro toaster ovens timer knob has broken. Is there a replacement for this?

The company does not sell these parts separately. A replacement would usually be available in your home town hardware store. Usually these hardware stores will have drawers with nuts and bolts which would also contain knobs. Generally most of these knobs will have a standard shaft size. To ensure you get the right one, you should measure the shaft on your toaster using pliers. Then choose a knob which matches this.

Is it safe to place a toaster over a microwave?

The main issue with placing anything on the top of the microwave would be that it could prevent proper air circulation on some models. Check your microwave for any vents at the top of your microwave. If you do not have any vents on the top of the microwave, it should be fine to place the toaster without any risk of fire or other hazards.

If a Toastmasters toasters button does not stay down and the button has been disassembled and cleaned, what can an individual do to repair this?

The individual will need to take the toaster apart and understand how the hook holds on to the lever in order to heat the element. Toasters have latches which hold the levers down. This has an adjustable bi-metal component which bends as the system heats up. This portion is connected to the toast control (light or dark toasting). When you select darker toasting option, the latch would be held down longer and if you choose lighter the lever would be released faster by the bi-metal.

How would an individual remove the Modern Maid in-built toaster from the wall?

First slide the toaster out of the rails. Next pinch the black mount clips at the end of the slide rail. When the toaster comes off about five inches, you have access to unplug the unit.

Toasters are fairly simple appliances which are usually used on a regular basis. Their functioning is simple as well and it consists of heating options based on a latch or lever levels. Usually these appliances are not meant for extensive repair as they are manufactured to be more of a disposable item and the repair would probably cost more than a new unit itself. However minor issues and problems can be addressed by you if you have the right help, information and guidance from Experts who have experience with such appliances.
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