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Toaster Oven Repair

A toaster oven is a combination of a toaster and an oven. They are usually electric with a front door, wire rack and a removable baking pan. These ovens are larger than regular toasters since they have the oven option. For toasting, the bread is placed horizontally on the rack and the toaster turns off when the toast is done. They also have the ability to perform the typical electric oven functions but on a smaller scale. These ovens are used to cook toppings like garlic bread, cheese and for baking other small dishes.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on toaster oven repair.

Can I defrost using a toaster oven?

It is possible to defrost an item using your toaster oven but it is probably not recommended or often used to do so. You could try using the low heat options in the bake mode for this purpose. You need to keep in mind that the toaster oven is not similar to a microwave which provides this option. Therefore while defrosting you need to use a container or a vessel which will hold any liquid which may get expelled from the food during the defrosting process.

Is there a replacement for a Euro-pro toaster ovens timer knob that has broken?

The company does not sell these parts separately. A replacement would usually be available in your home town hardware store. Usually these hardware stores will have drawers with nuts and bolts which would also contain knobs. Generally most of these knobs will have a standard shaft size. To ensure you get the right one, you should measure the shaft on your toaster using pliers. Then choose a knob which matches this.

How do I remove melted plastic from a toaster oven rack?

There is no fixed away to remove melted plastic on toaster oven racks. You could try heating the oven once again and use oven mitts to hold the rack down while you try to peel the plastic off using a wet paper towel or tongs. However it would be more sensible to replace the toaster rack in order for it to look and operate as before.

A GE microwave/toaster has stopped working suddenly. There does not seem to be any internal fuse or burn. What could the problem be?

First you need to check if the toaster is receiving proper power supply from the socket. If it is, the fuse and other wiring can be re-checked for any obvious damage. If all this seems fine, the problem could be a control board issue which is located behind the control panel.

On an Emerson toaster oven how would an individual set baking temperatures?

Usually in such type of toaster ovens or models, there should be two sets of dials. One is to control the temperature and the other is to set the cooking option, such as bake. If your unit does not have this, it could be a defective piece which has been sold to you. Generally, smaller appliances may be cheaper in cost due to low quality and their mass production. You can return this product to the manufacturers informing them of the defect. Bigger chain stores will take the product back even without the box as long as you have a receipt.

Toaster ovens are handy and convenient appliances which can be used on a regular basis for toasting and when required, it can be used as an oven. Although these ovens are not meant for prolonged use or for large quantities, it is a good option when you need to save time or you are cooking a quick meal for two. However when two functions are combined in one appliance the functionality may not be at par with your expectations. Moreover toaster oven repair can be quite expensive as compared to replacing the unit for a new one. To understand more about the problems you are facing with your toaster oven, consulting Experts can be helpful and useful.
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