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Mazda Timing Chain Troubleshooting

Could smoke in your cabin be caused by a timing chain defect? What are the signs a timing chain gives before it fails? These are some typical questions asked by Mazda users in search of answers on timing chain issues. The best source for a timely and reliable answer is an Expert.

Read on for some typical timing chain related questions and their answers provided by Experts.

Would a bad VVT actuator bend all the intake valves on a Mazda engine?

A defective VVT actuator cannot bend valves. The cause is more likely to be a broken timing chain or one which has stretched or jumped.

How to troubleshoot a timing chain which has jumped a tooth on the sprocket when starting?

Jumping is due to improper tensioning of the chain over the sprocket, probably because of a faulty tensioner. On this engine, the tensioner is controlled by oil pressure, so when the pressure is low the tensioner does not act, allowing the chain to jump. Check the oil level, and if low, top it up and replace the tensioner. Also check all related parts like the chain itself, tensioner arm and chain guides. If topping up oil does not raise oil pressure then these parts, all of which are available as a timing chain kit, will need to be replaced. During the repair check for engine oil sludge which also may have caused loss of oil pressure. Till the car is repaired it should not be driven. In its present condition the chain could easily jump another tooth which will cause substantial engine damage.

What does a replacement timing chain for a Mazda CX7 cost and how many labor hours will be needed to replace it?

The timing chain will cost about $200 to replace which would require 5.3 labor hours.

How does a timing chain fail and why does it fill the cabin with smoke?

A loose timing chain usually provides a warning by way of a clicking sound after which it will probably jump a sprocket before breaking. This may cause oil to leak through the timing cover and fall onto a hot engine, which will probably begin to smoke. This smoke would automatically be sucked in through the fresh air ducts in the firewall area and fill the cabin.

What could create a noise from the timing chain area of a CX7 which has also set error code P2119?

There could be a timing chain problem but that is not the only fault which could set this code. Code P2119 also relates to an issue with the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system. Mazda issued Factory Service Bulletin No. 01-024/10 which specifically addresses this issue.

What could be the reason for a clunking sound from a Mazda 6 after which the engine does not turn over?

Try to use a breaker bar attached to the crank pulley of the engine to turn it manually through one revolution.  If this is not possible then the engine has seized. The most likely cause is a broken timing chain or coolant ingress into the combustion chamber.

Does a 2007 Mazda 3s have a timing chain or a timing belt and how often should it be replaced?

This engine has a timing chain which is expected to last the lifetime of the engine. It does not need to be replaced unless there is specific need to which happens rarely.

What are the options on a Mazda 6 after the timing chain breaks?

When a timing chain breaks on this engine it generally creates significant damage which is exorbitantly expensive to repair. A more cost-effective option would be to install a new/rebuilt engine. To make a damage assessment, remove the timing cover and inspect the block and other internal parts under it. Also do a leakage test on all cylinders. This should reveal the extent of damage and what is involved to repair it.

How many timing chains does a Mazda B4000 have and how long would it take to replace them?

This engine has 3 timing chains which would need 18 labor hours to replace.

Repairing a Mazda engine damaged after a timing chain issue is an expensive proposition so it pays to intercept problems at the first hint of trouble. If you need answers to maintenance questions or solutions to timing chain problems, ask an Expert. The advantage with Experts is that they are readily available with solutions when you need them most.


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