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VW Timing Belt Problems

Generally timing belt replacement interval varies from 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles and is also dependent on the year, model and transmission. Though Volkswagen may recommend replacing the timing belt at 105,000 miles, it is better to change it either at 80,000 miles or within 8 years. The timing belt is composed of rubber and similar to other rubber items does have a tendency to wear out especially after 6 years regardless of mileage.

To know more about VW timing belt problems, below are common questions answered by Experts.

The timing belt on a 2003, VW New Beetle broke at 105,000 miles. Since the engine replacement costs $5,000, what are the options?

The engine installed on this VW Beetle is the interference variety which implies there could have been considerable engine damage with the breaking of the timing belt. The damage could have occurred to the engine pistons as well as the valves could have bent. In order to determine the extent of damage, the engine cylinder head would need to be removed and inspected. A new cylinder head along with a timing belt kit would be required. This can cost $2,000 to $2,500. In case piston damage exists, the engine would need to be lowered and rebuilt. This can cost approximately $3,000 to $3,500. Additionally rebuilding the engine generally costs as much or much more than engine replacement due to the additional labor involved in re-building. In some cases, it may be more sensible to buy another car.

Is the VW 1.9 TDI Turbo engine interfering or non-interfering? Additionally if the timing belt broke on this engine, what parts need to be replaced?

The VW TDI is an interference engine. If the timing belt on this engine broke, the cylinder head would need to be removed and the bent valves need to be replaced along with a couple of gaskets. The repair is quite straightforward if done correctly.

What is the approximate timing belt replacement cost on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 L (parts and labor)?

The timing belt replacement cost is as follows: the parts which include a timing belt tensioner and belt from a dealer can vary between $250 and $500. Generally along with a timing belt replacement, it is advisable to change the VW water pump as well since this is made of plastic and has a high rate of failure. It would be more feasible to install a metal water pump impeller as they are more durable. The number of hours of labor required for this is around 5 hours. If a thermostat replacement is necessary, it could be 6 hours. This amounts to approximately $500 to $800 for labor.

What is the approximate cost for a VW timing belt replacement on a 2002 Cabrio?

This Volkswagen timing belt typically retails at $50 and the labor time required to complete the replacement is around 2 hours. Hence if the cost of labor is $100 per hour, the cost can be approximately $250 to replace this VW timing belt. Some shops may replace the timing belt tensioner and idler bearing as well. These components cost around $120 and $90 respectively. The additional labor time required for this is would be half an hour. In case the water pump was to be replaced simultaneously, the cost of the pump would be $90 and the labor time an additional one hour. Coolant would be charged extra and the other two belts were to be changed at the same time, it can cost $50 more. This would bring the ball park figure for the VW timing belt replacement at $550.

The timing has slipped after a new timing belt was fitted on the Skoda Fabia. How can the cam timing be reset?

In order to set the cam timing, the vacuum pump should be removed from behind the cylinder head and the cam should be locked in position using a special cam lock. Since this component is currently non-functional, most likely the injection pump timing could be off. Special tools may be required to undertake and complete this job effectively. Once the mechanical aspect of the timing adjustment is done, the diesel injection pump timing would need to be set using a special scan tool.

The VW timing belt is one of the most vital and mandatory constituents of the engine. It serves a particular task and usually needs maintenance after the car has run a certain number of miles. Replacement or issues related to the timing belt may be numerous and you could be looking for second opinions or information on the VW timing belt. At this juncture a knowledgeable person such as an Expert can be helpful to guide you in a step by step manner or provide you with important and useful information regarding your problem.
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