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Toyota Timing Belt related Questions

The timing belt or chain in any car connects the crankshaft to one or more camshafts to control and synchronize the operation of the valve and pistons. When broken or damaged the timing belt or chain will affect the operation of the engine and can lead to major damage requiring expensive repair. When Toyota car owners have questions about repair options, it is recommended to speak with an Expert to obtain the required information.

Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding Toyotas and the timing belt issues drivers have faced.

HOw is the tension released on a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser timing belt when removed from the hydraulic belt tensioner? And how are the pulleys kept in the same position?

Look for a pulley at the top of the tensioner, it will be a cylinder shape and held in place by two 12mm bolts. Loosen these bolts, a few turns at a time, alternating between the bolts until the tension is released from the belt. Remove the tensioner and place in a bench vise and very slowly squeeze the piston back inside using the vise. Do this slowly and carefully without forcing the tensioner to ensure that it does not break. When the piston is fully in place a small hole will be visible along with one in the casing near the top. Using a small Allen key as a pin, insert it into the hole in the casing, the one in the piston and the hole at the rear of the casing. The tensioner can now be removed from the vise and bolted back in place and the belt put into position. Ensure that all the slack of the belt is on one side of the tensioner pulley and then pull the Allen key out to release the piston and tension the belt.

Does a 2002 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder have a timing belt or chain and how often should it be changed?

The 4 cylinder Camry engine uses a Toyota timing chain instead of a belt. This chain is meant to last for the life of the engine and, unless it is damaged, does not generally need to be replaced.

When is it recommended to replace the timing belt on a Toyota Camry 6 cylinder engine?

The Toyota timing belt on the V6 Camry engine should be replaced every 90,000 miles or 72 months, whichever is earlier. It would save time and money to have the water pump, cam seals, crankshaft front seal, timing belt and thermostat all changed at the same time.

Is the Toyota timing belt covered under an extended warranty for a Sequoia?

The timing belt is a maintenance item and as such it is not covered by an extended warranty. If the timing belt has broken and caused damage to the engine, then that damage may be covered by the warranty. But no maintenance items are. The Toyota timing belt should be changed after 90,000 miles.

What is the approximate cost for parts and labor for Toyota timing belt replacement in a 2005 Sienna LE?

Different shops in different areas charge different rates so all the following figures are approximate and subject to variation. Average labor charges are around $90 per hour and the average time will be about 4 hours so the labor cost will be in the range of $360. The cost of a Toyota timing belt can range between $60 to $65.

Toyota timing belts, like those of other cars, wear out with use and require replacement. This is a job best left to a qualified workshop as failure to correctly synchronize the valve and piston movement can lead to major engine damage. Diagnosing and finding the correct solution to Toyota belt problems can be difficult and if the owner understands the issues involved, he or she is better equipped to ensure that the right solutions are applied. The insights of Experts and the answers they provide are a valued resource for car owners.
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