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Do you have traffic tickets and need help with keeping points off of your driving record? Do you need to know if it is necessary to hire a lawyer for a traffic offense? Traffic tickets are usually Misdemeanor offenses and some won't affect your record. However, speeding and reckless driving can result in enough points to cause a suspension of your driver's license. An Expert is the best source to rely on for help as they are qualified to answer all your questions. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding traffic tickets.

Should a traffic lawyer be hired for a traffic ticket of speeding and no insurance?

In a case such as this, the driver should get insurance as soon as possible. The proof of insurance can be taken to court to show that the driver is trying to comply with the law. Many judges will dismiss the no insurance ticket if the vehicle is insured. There are states that are very strict regarding no insurance traffic tickets. The judge may not be as lenient and find the driver guilty. This can result in points on the driver's record, suspension of the driver's license, a large fine and community service.

An attorney may be beneficial when dealing with a speeding ticket, especially if the speed exceeded several miles over the posted speed limit. An attorney can bargain with the judge and prosecutor to reduce the tickets and ask for driving school for the driver. The judge will have the final say as to what charges will be applied.

Can a parent come to court on behalf of a child for a traffic ticket?

Only a licensed attorney can represent another individual. The parent can hire an attorney to represent and appear for the child. Unless the parent is a licensed attorney, a parent cannot represent the child.

Should a traffic lawyer be hired for a traffic ticket for speeding 23 mph over the speed limit?

When dealing with a traffic ticket of this nature, it is beneficial to hire a traffic ticket defense attorney. An attorney will review the citation and determine if there is any possibility of getting the ticket dismissed or ask the prosecutor for a plea deal. If both of these options fail, the ticket can go to trial to force the State to prove their case against the driver. If the officer that gave the traffic ticket doesn't show up for court, the ticket could be dismissed. However, the prosecutor can ask the judge for a continuance on a show of good cause (the officer had a good reason for not making it to court).

How can someone find outstanding traffic tickets to pay them off?

A driver can request a copy of his/her driving record. The record will have a list of all past violations, paid and unpaid. Failure to appear and warrants will be listed as well. If a warrant or failure to appear has been issued, the driver should contact the court clerk and ask to see the judge. Once before the judge, the driver can explain why he/she didn't appear when summoned and ask that the failure to appear be dismissed. Most courts will allow payments on traffic tickets which can be done at the court clerk's office or online.

Would it be worth going to court to fight a ticket for 96 mph in a 70 mph zone?

If the office writing the ticket has enough evidence that the driver was actually driving this fast, it would be best to have a traffic ticket defense attorney to represent the driver. The attorney can explain the process, what fines and charges are possible, and ask for a reduction in the speeding ticket. The attorney can try to avoid the driver's license from being suspended for points that have been applied to the driver's record as well. There is a chance that if the officer doesn't appear in court the ticket could be dismissed. However, this doesn't happen very often.

Traffic tickets can result in a suspension of a driver's license, fines, community service and points on the driver's record. Avoiding such issues is the best recourse; however, when you do receive a ticket and need advice on how to handle it, it is best to consult with an Expert. Verified Experts are available around the clock to answer all your questions from the comfort of your home.

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