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Tick Paralysis Treatment

What is tick paralysis?

Ticks may be commonly known as disease carries; typically, ticks may carry several different diseases and spread them to dogs. Ticks may also carry a very powerful toxin, which may typically be discharged into a dog’s blood stream through the tick’s saliva when bitten. This toxin may cause a dog to lose the ability to control movements of certain parts of the body or become paralyzed. This may also cause a dog’s muscles to be in complete leisure. For more information regarding tick paralysis such as if there is a cure for this disease and how fast does tick paralysis spread through a dog’s body. Read below to find questions about tick paralysis that has been answered by Experts.

How long will it take for a dog to recover from tick paralysis?

In some cases of tick paralysis in the United States, a dog may see signs of improvement around 48 to 72 hours; with the proper treatment. There may be other places in the work that may have different strands of tick paralysis such as Australia. In Australia the tick paralysis is lxodes scapularis which may see normalcy around 24 to 48 hours. These results are typically after the tick has been completely removed from the dog. It may be very important for the tick to be entirely removed or the tick may be able to realize more of the toxin into the dog’s blood stream. If the dog does not seem to be impo9rving after 72 hours, it may be time to have the dog seen by a vet and tests ran. Usually blood work may be able to rule out other causes of paralysis.

How is tick paralysis treated?

In some situations in order to treat tick paralysis a vet may need to run some type of blood work to be positive that the dog has tick paralysis. If the dog’s tests come back confirming the dog has tick paralysis the vet may prescribe the dog Doxycycline. This could be very important that this medication is started immediately. The vet may also recommend that the dog start taking NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Rimadyl and pain medication such as Tramadol. Typically the most important medication may be the antibiotic to clear up the infection caused from the toxin.

What can be done for a dog that has tick paralysis at home?

In some cases where a dog is positive for tick paralysis the dog may need to be seen by a vet. If a vet visit is not possible, then the dog should have all the ticks removed. In some situations, there may be several ticks and in other cases the dog may only have one tick. Normally, after all the ticks have been removed, a topical tick ointment may be applied. This should help the paralysis resolve around 1-3 days.

Can tick paralysis only affect the hind legs?

In some situations tick paralysis normally affects all four of the dog’s legs. It may not be very likely that only the two back legs would be affected by tick paralysis. It may be more of a vertebral disc that may have slipped out of place and may be putting pressure on the dog’s spinal cord.

Tick paralysis may sound like a scary issue, but usually this may resolve on its own. Tick paralysis may happen to any dog, sometimes this may even affect a dog that has been on tick medication. This may be when a dog owner would have many questions as to how a dog can contract tick paralysis if on tick medication, or if this disease can cause death to a dog and if tick paralysis may be passed from one dog to another. For more information and answers to these questions, individuals may contact an Expert.
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