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Honda Thermostat Questions

Honda thermostat helps regulate a engine’s optimum operating temperature. A failure in a thermostat could result in a vehicle overheating or prevent it from maintaining normal temperature. However, not all overheating and low temperature issues are directly linked to a defective thermostat. The problem could be a blown head gasket, failure in gauge temperature sender or even water/heater valve. Read below where Experts examine various Honda Thermostat problems and questions and offer correct diagnostics and answers.

What could cause a Honda Civic LX 1995 temperature gauge to stay low?

It could either be a damaged thermostat or a faulty temperature sender for the gauge. To test, let the engine run and warm. The radiator hoses are normally about the same temperature. However, if one of the hoses is significantly less or even cold, the thermostat could be the problem, but if the temperature is same then it is likely the temperature sender unit. Also check if the vehicle is low on coolant.

How to pull out a Honda Civic LX 98 thermostat housing to replace with new?

The housing is bolted to the cylinder head. The bolts go at the back. The housing is attached to the large coolant pipe that runs to the water pump. Spray a lubricant to get the o-ring to release from the housing.

What could cause a Honda Civic to overheat, with only a temporary fix after replacing the thermostat four times in 18 months?

It could be an intermittently leaking head gasket. The gasket expands and contracts and in doing so temporarily seals and gradually leaks. This appears to be a common issue in 2005 models. The cost to replace it may be around 200 dollars plus 6 hours labor time.

What could cause a Honda GI 500 1982 to show high temperature despite a thermostat change?

Check if the fan operates and if the temperature of radiator hoses is different. If the fan works and temperature is more or less the same, the problem could be with the gauge temperature sender. The senders’ work off resistance and the resistance valve could go out of range with age. Replacing the gauge temperature sender could fix the problem

Why is a Honda Civic 2005 overheating after radiator, cap and thermostat replacement?

The cause could be a Honda Civic blown head gasket. The coolant would be slow to leak and such small leak may not show on some HC and pressure test. Water pump could be ruled out as it would have external sign of leakage. Blown head gasket appears to be a common issue for Honda Civic 2005 model. However, the replaced should be effective as the new head gasket is an improved part. As the vehicle was overheated, check for head and block straightness as could have been impacted.

Why is a Honda Accord 94 heater only blowing cold air despite a thermostat replacement?

This could be fixed by adjusting water/heater valve. The heater control valve can be found at the firewall in the engine compartment. Switch temperature control lever to HOT position. Then gently slide the cable housing back from the end enough to take up any slack in the cable, but not too much to make the temperature control lever move, then hold the cable housing and snap it in the clamp.

Air mix cable may also need adjustment. First, detach the heater valve cable at the heater unit and at the heater control valve by carefully pulling them from their clamps. Set the temperature control lever to the COLD position. Gently slide the temperature control cable outer sleeve back enough to take up any slack, but not enough to make the control lever move. Snap the cable into its clamp. Now, move the lever on the heater control valve to the closed position, then gently slide the heater valve cable outer sleeve back enough to take up any slack, but not enough to make the control lever move. Snap the cable into its clamp.

Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature. Check for proper operation of the cables. Readjust, if necessary.

Not all temperature regulating problems are necessarily solved by replacing the thermostat. It might provide a temporary fix at times, but if the problem lies elsewhere a recurring issue may be the culprit. Trust your problems to Experts with specialist knowledge of not only Honda thermostat, but the complete make of the vehicle. They may offer faster and correct assessment of the problem and help solve it more economically.
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