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Thermometer Related Questions

In simple terms a thermometer is a device which measures the temperature using different principles. A thermometer consists of two important components namely the temperature sensor which is the bulb and a visible numerical scale. The sensor usually experiences some physical change in reaction to the temperature. This physical change is converted into numerical value for accurate reading and deciphering. There are a variety of thermometers available such as wireless thermometers, digital thermometers, cooking thermometers and freezer thermometers. Read below where many Experts have answered the commonly asked questions regarding thermometers.

How can an individual calibrate their oven thermometer when it is reading 50 degrees too low?

Since you are only 50 degrees lower, you cannot calibrate it much. Check the temperature sensor at room temperature. It should ideally read 1070 ohms at 72 degrees. If this checks fine you will need a control board. The control generally allows up to +/- 35 degree calibration. You could try another thing, which is leaving the thermometer 15 minutes through preheating. Then give it another additional 15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

What could be the cause of a dual fuel range to be cold when set to broil with an oven thermometer is registering at 500 degrees?

First aspect to check would be if the bake functions normally with correct temperatures. If it does the problem could be with the broil element though they can appear fine. There could be a wiring issue too. In such a scenario, you can first turn off the power and remove the element and test it. It should read 30 to 50 ohms and if it does, it is fine. Next you would carefully need to check each wire connected to ground for any AC volts. This should be done with the power on. If both read 120 volts then cross both and check for 240 volts. If one or both do not you would need to trace the wires to the board or thermometer control to examine where the loose connection is.

Could a Kenmore freestanding gas range oven have a problem with its thermostat/thermometer if the oven does not reach 300 degrees?

Since you are performing these checks using a metal hanging thermometer, they are known to act slowly and be inaccurate. Your range uses a sophisticated probe and control board to reach a certain temperature. Since these components are complex and sensitive they require a similar type of thermometer to read them accurately. You should be using a digital thermometer to get an accurate reading of your unit.

Could a thermometer be the problem for an oven to immediately jump to 350 degrees and sound the buzzer off, but the oven still be cold?

The thermometer could be working normally. This is most likely an issue with your oven sensor. The sensor is a narrow metal object which is usually mounted on the back interior wall of the oven. It sends a signal to the oven control based on the heat setting. The other issue could be with the control panel malfunctioning. First you need to test the sensor using a meter. It should read 1000 to 1100 ohms at room temperature. If it does not, replace the sensor. If the reading is accurate, you probably need to replace the oven control board or computer.

If a Sharp atomic thermal clock uses an outdoor thermometer which transmits signals to an inside clock, why would the temperature not register even though the batteries have been changed?

First you could try removing the batteries and turning off any power supply for at least half an hour. Re-plug and check. If it does not work, you would need to inspect the wires and temperature probe for any sign of problems. You would most likely need a new probe since they are the source for trouble majority of the times. You could order a new probe from Sharp.

What could be the problem with a Zyliss three way timer with a wireless thermometer where the light is coming on but without display?

Most likely your wireless thermometer is broken since the light is coming on and the batteries have been changed and inserted properly. There is no repair option for this thermometer. If the individual is interested, they can purchase a new thermometer for around $30, depending on the area in which the individual resides in.

Thermometers are devices present in a large variety of appliances. They are a very important to measure and maintain the right temperature especially in devices such as ovens and refrigerators where temperature plays a very important role. Varying temperatures or appliances failing to heat can be errors mainly caused by thermometers. In some cases it could be the oven sensor or control panels. To understand where your problem lies and its correct solution, seeking the help and assistance of Experts will prove helpful.
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