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Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone is a hormone which is secreted into the male testicles and female ovaries. As men age the levels begin to gradually drop which may cause certain issues such as erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and other body changes. While there are treatments for this issue, many men find it difficult to approach a doctor about the subject. To learn more about testosterone, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

If a testosterone level is 281 and there is a lack of energy does it mean that there is a deficiency?

Typically a testosterone level of 281 is low but still within the normal rage. There is an ongoing debate with many physicians as how to treat such a situation.

Testosterone replacement therapy may be beneficial to those who appear to have symptoms of a deficiency. However lack of energy could be caused by many things. In most cases of testosterone deficiency a person may experience erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, slow growth of body hair and a decrease in muscle mass. While low energy levels may be experienced by men with testosterone deficiency, it generally isn't enough by itself to determine a deficiency.

Testosterone replacement therapy will generally increase a man's energy level. However there are side effects that come with the treatment. In most cases further testing would probably be performed to ensure other issues are ruled out prior to placing the person on the replacement therapy.

How much HCG can be taken for the body to start producing its own testosterone?

HCG generally has no benefits as for trying to increase testosterone levels. Hormone replacement therapy has shown great promise for such issues as low levels of testosterone. The above mentioned therapy may be injected or applied via patch or gel on the skin. A putty is also available that is rubbed onto the person's gums.

What would happen if someone hit the vein during a testosterone injection?

The above mentioned injections are typically given in the muscle due to the oily preparation. A person is usually encouraged to seek medical help in the event the injection is placed in a vein. There may be a possibility that a blockage may occur preventing circulation to certain areas of the body. Of course this may not always occur but there is that possibility. Signs to watch for generally include sudden onset of weakness, numbness or odd sensations in any area of the body. When such symptoms occur, an MRI may be required to best see what is going on.

What are the normal testosterone levels for a man age 55?

It is quite common for men's testosterone levels to decrease as they age. This typically begins around age 40 and may decrease at a rate of 0.3% every year. There are generally 20% of men age 60 that may experience a decline. Normal testosterone levels are usually between 250- 800.

There are blood tests which may be used to measure the amount of testosterone. Many times a doctor may choose to test the man's prolactin levels to ensure proper pituitary function. Further testing may be required depending upon the finding of the initial blood test.

What causes testosterone to drop?

Generally men between the ages of 40-65 may expect a drop in testosterone levels. Some men have been known to experience a drop as young as 35 years of age. Many things must be factored when testing levels such as the time of day, physical health and possible infections. While many things may affect a man's testosterone levels, age seems to be the most common.

As men approach middle age, they may begin noticing small changes. Many times the cause of certain changes may be due to low testosterone levels. Many medical and personal questions arise regarding testosterone. If a person has questions or concerns about this topic, the person should ask an Expert for medical clarity and suggestions for proper treatment.
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